Thanksgiving FUNN

November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving FUNN

When the kids were kind of little we used to play “Hide the Turkey” with my parents and them. One of the adults would hide a small wooden turkey somewhere in the family room while the kids would cover their eyes. Of course, we’d stomp all around the room to throw them off!
After the turkey would be well hidden, the kids would start the turkey hunt!
As they would get closer and closer to the prized bird, we hiders would “gobble” faster and louder. As they moved farther away, our “gobble” would slow down and get softer.
It was great FUNN and I can still see my Mom and Dad laughing and gobbling as our 4 kids would run around the room trying their best to find Tom Turkey.

This was a spin off of “Hide the Thimble” that my brother and I played as kids with our Nana. Instead of the “gobble”, Nana would say getting “warmer” or “cooler”. Obviously hers was a more dignified time!

Besides the great funn and laughter, the best part is the hiders get to sit down!

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Let us know!

Here is a link for some ideas for starters:

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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