Use It Thursday; Here, Kitty, Kitty 1″ strips; My Very Analog Notebook Planner Part 3

Use It Thursday!
Another 1″ strip scrap idea


  • another one-inch strip scrap idea (and it is PURR-fect)
  • Boxing Week Special
  • Part Three of My Very Analog Notebook Planner

FIRST – a PURRfect use for one-inch strip scraps

In 2016 I made a hand-drawn HBD card for a cat lover’s 70th birthday. Yes, I drew 70 cats. I think I asked CTMH to consider making a cat stamp like this at that time!
Well, I don’t fancy that the corporation watches my posts, but I did get my wish!
Check out this darling cat stamp, Cat’s Meow (D1727).

Cut to 2017 and my new obsession – using my one-inch strip scraps from cutting my own A2 size cards.
If you haven’t seen the past posts, scroll to the bottom for links.

Colors are: Bashful, Charcoal, Pewter, Black. Papers are Basics Paper FUNNdamentals and Bashful Glitter Paper. Ribbon is NLA.
The Bashful kitties have a little Shimmer Pen on them.

And it is about time to get back to some challenges! Adding this to FreshlyMade Sketches #318 challenge. HERE to see more entries and design team samples – really cute!

VIPP FUNN mail members – I hope to make a tutorial on stamping these kitties soon.

Close To My Heart Boxing Sale Week – today and tomorrow!

Be sure to visit the special on my Close To My Heart website today and tomorrow and load up on some real values!

My Very Analog Notebook Planner Part Three – Talkin’ Time

Caveat: I am not a time management expert. Heck, I rarely know what time it is, but I do have some tips to help you. To illustrate my weakness, here is a FUNNy story.
While at my daughter’s on Christmas, I glanced at the stove’s clock and it said “350”. I thought, how can this afternoon be going to quickly! Oh, slow down time! I checked the “clock” later and it said, “350” still. I then realized it was the oven temperature.

We plan in a linear, timeline fashion. We think in terms of the past, present, and future.

Think of realistic time chunks which you can handle.

Let’s break down some of the standard chunks of time with which we are familiar:

  • annual
  • quarterly
  • monthly
  • weekly
  • daily
  • a.m. / p.m.
  • you can break it down farther and I do occasionally!

I love My Very Analog Notebook approach because of the sensation of past, present, and future which paper provides.
I can see what is ahead of me, what I have done, and add notes, change thoughts, and develop without having to download a thing!
No scrolling, no swiping, no getting sidetracked on FB, IG, or! Can I get a witness?

Last week we talked about what you need your notebook planner to be and do for you.
Remember, you are your planner’s boss, your planner is not your boss!

Jot down the time chunks you want to work with, then write a few notes under those time chunks for repeating tasks.
Remember to stay realistic in these tasks!
If you want to run a marathon, but have never run more than to your car in the cold, you will need LOTS of baby steps before a marathon becomes a realistic task.

For a scrapbooker’s example, my customers know when I share my new Pajama FUNN Plans and when I send out the supporting supplies. My customers can plan on those dates (or a close to date) and be ready to scrap!
My FUNNday MUNNday crowd knows to check at least once a week for a new post!
Close To My Heart consultants have new product launches four times a year. We need to set aside for my planning before they go live, and need to calculate some time to share the FUNN products! We can plan for this (unless it changes – haha).
For a personal example, I know when my taxes are due and my animals’ vaccines. I can make a note of that.

Maybe you like to host gatherings, schedule your reading, know when you have a journey planned, or when school starts.
It will be right there for you in a very erasable, flexible notebook.

For those who love their digital devices, totally use them, too, for special alarms and alerts.

OK, that is enough for today. See what you come up with and check in Saturday for your next installment.

Have a FUNN day and check out those specials!



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