Unfinished Dish Bust #1

OK, I keep a dish on my MESK! (messy-desk) for my bits, pieces, and scraps. It is a great help…until my dish runneth over.


So, I thought I’d challenge myself to a UDB challenge – “Unfinished Dish Bust” challenge! 28 Days / 28 cards using the bits, pieces, and scraps from my dish.

On Day 2, I have already passed my goal! These cards are so FUNN – they end up quirky and unique! :o)

I’ll post some here when I get around to it, but I’m going to try to post them to my Instagram story.

Join the challenge if you’d like, and tag me when you post your pretties!
Check my IG story to see what comes out of my UDB challenge!

There is a lot of FUNN going on for my paper crafting friends, and here is a synopsis.

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