I see dozens of uploading card photos every day online. Heck, Craft Roulette gets 50 – 90+ submissions a week (LOVE). I had a thought, wonder if all these uploaders know how to crisp and brighten their photos?

After editing, scroll down to see the before shot.

Here are some tips.

Taking the Photo

  1. bright light is good and will help get a good photo
  2. harsh light (outdoor sunlight) may produce shadows
  3. angles matter, but you decide what you like (from straight above or in a vignette setting)
  4. taping the card close with a very used low-tack tape “pillow” is a trick some really like doing
  5. phone cameras are often plenty good enough (I use my phone camera)
  6. many “issues” can be solved in editing.

Editing the Photo

  • Open photo
  • Click “edit”
  • Often times the editing features are noted as icons, hovering over the icons may reveal a word description
  • “Crop” to turn, straighten, and “crop” or make the area around the subject matter smaller
  • Color edit with the automatic settings (words like enhance, auto, Palma, West, and many more) OR
  • Color edit with individual choices like brightness or light, color or saturation, contrast or pop.
  • Revert, cancel, or undo edits if you are not happy with the results (good when you may be wondering what happened!?!)
  • Save when you like something
  • Download to your files if you want to upload later
I suggest holding the original near your phone or screen to check for accuracy.

These options may be available on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, or your PC. Here’s another FUNN twist, your phone and your PC may have different names for the options even though they are the same program. Isn’t tech great? But, hang in there. Poke around a little, and if you panic, hit the back key.

Warning, when you see your card on a large screen, you may see things you didn’t expect like a poorly stamped image, a glue glob, a smudge, or a rough tear. You’ll need to make a decision at this point. You can fix the problem and take a new photo. If you leave it as is, others using a large screen will see the issues, too. Or maybe after examination of the real card, you can decide if maybe the card is a sender, not a uploader.

Before editing.
After editing.

Read the tips on the submission form for photo size and adjust if you can. Some sites (like the Craft Roulette submission form) have tips right there to help you.

You will find these options not only in your photo editing, but also on Instagram. I am not an expert by any means, and cannot help you individually, but I have taken, edited, and uploaded many photos of cards and scrapbooks. Thought it might help someone who wants to share some of their masterpieces to a challenge, a blog, a FB group, or maybe even Craft Roulette.

We love getting your submissions and want everyone to enjoy your interpretations in their best possible presentation. Hope this helps!

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