Time Spent

When speaking of your craft or sharing a handcrafted card, have you heard any of these before,
“You have too much time on your hands?” or,
“How long did that take you?” or
“This is what she does in her spare time.”
Yeah, I thought so. Me, too.

I had planned another post for you today featuring the Monthly Word Puzzle stamps, but because of a wee little fighter who went to be with Jesus yesterday, I’m changing my focus.

These are my sympathy cards for the family, my family. I hope they like them. I hope it comforts them some to know we care. I hope it conveys our presence in spirit and prayer. I hope they will remember they are greatly loved each time they see their card.

I liked making cards and scrapbooks because while at my craft table, I am in another world. No longer do sheets need to be washed or deadlines to be met. It is just me, the products, the ideas, and my thoughts and prayers for those who will get the card.

So while others will never understand how I spend “my spare time,” it’s ok.

Because in my spare time, I think about my friends and family who will be getting designs to re-create, cards with kind words, or scrapbooks which will last beyond my years.

Time wasted? Never.
It is time spent in blessing and thus being blessed. What do you think?

Others appreciate snail mail surprises, too! Here are just two sweet responses I have received this month!

“Thank you for my beautiful card and the lovely note 😁 I’m so glad to have you in my life 🎨📏”

“Aww!! Mary Gunn, thank you for a perfectly timed card that gave me a big lift and made me laugh!!!”

It is so nice to hear your message was well timed, too! But it isn’t the reason I create. Frankly, I usually forget I’ve sent the card once it is in the hands of the post office.

So, go ahead and make those cards! Design those projects for your classes!
Save those memories in your scrapbooks!

“She who creates cards is twice blessed. Once in the creating. Once in the giving.”

Welcome, H2H Challenge Bloggers! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the article and art.
Click on the the link to see more samples!

Who needs to hear from you? Get going. Get creating. Get mailing. Get scrapping. Get thinking of others and share your love.



P.S. I discovered a gal on Instagram, SnailMailObsessed, who is all about the snail mail, you might enjoy seeing all her tricked out envies!Here is our convo from this morning:

  • marygunnfunnI love how you are promoting the lost art of snail mail. I am about to write an article on this lovely expression of affection. Going to tell my readers about your IG. Keep writing!
  • snailmailobsessed@marygunnfunn trying dutifully to revive it! Happy to see you are too!

I wonder if anyone ever said, “She has too much time on her hands!”?

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