the FUNN Awakens – FOUR Super FUNN Scrap Booking Ideas Inspired by The Force Awakens

the Super Glue Guys
the FUNN Awakens!
Your memories of long, long time ago
will seem like they are in galaxies far, far away
if they are not scrap booked.
So you wanna have a little scrap booking FUNN?
Are you a Star Wars fann?
Are you going tonight?
Will you be home watching older Star Wars movies?
Have FUNN with a little “media hype” (sorry, true believers, I mean no disrespect)
and save some moments.
Here are some FUNN scrapbooking topics inspired by Star Wars.
See if any are to your fancy.
1. Movies
2. Super Heroes
3. Super Powers
4. Hanging with Wookies
1. Movies
  • take a family poll – what is your favorite movie?
  • did you ever go to a drive-in movie?
  • was part of your Friday nights in the 1990’s to go to Blockbuster? Did you get candy?
  • are you a Trekkie or a Star Wars fann?
  • Name your favorite Christmas movie – I know there are some Hallmark aficionados out there!
Use the CTMH Artiste Collection MOVIE key, film photo mats, and even a popcorn box!
Not to mention the words “MOVIE NIGHT” are there, too!
Pull images from the internet – if you are a photo shop wiz, try adding family faces to movie characters like Han Solo or on C-3PO

2. Super Heroes

  • take a family poll – which Super Hero do they most relate with?
  • My FAVORITE – Vote for a Family Super Hero of the Year and Celebrate Knowing Them!
  • Who are the Super Heroes in your life?
  • Which Star Wars character is your favorite hero? And if you say JarJar, you are disqualified!

Use one of the My Creations Mini Albums
Find photos of your Family Super Hero of the Year and have everyone in your family tell why 
Make the Family Super Hero of the Year a mini album or a wall hanging!
Everyone grab a cape and snap a Super FAMILY photo!
Like this…
maybe you could skip the leotards!

3. Super Powers
  • Have some FUNN with this one!
  • Secret Family Vote – What Super Power Do You Think Each Family Member Has? 
  • Scrapbook the findings
  • Wishful thinking – what Super Power Do You WISH You could have in 2016?
  • Don’t leave out the grown kids – text ask them their Super Power
  • will they be kindness, happiness or flying and being fast?


Use LOTS of CTMH Cricut Cart STARS  (of course) made with Glitter Paper!
Re-visit this idea annually and update the layout with new interests

3. Hanging with Wookies
This is just for FUNN – hanging with Wookies!
  • No Shave November memories
  • BFFs – who are they?
  • Who do you feel safe with?
  • Target practice with friends
  • Bed Head photos – you look like a Wookie!

Just about anything goes here for a layout!
How about an exchange of layouts with a friend? She makes one about your friendship and you make one about your friendship for her?
Teenagers – have a Studio J party and make online layouts for a party
and may the FUNN FORCE be with you!
From the Super Glue Guys and me, Have a FUNN evening!
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