TBT – Put to Bed Scrapbooking Perfection & a Bear!

I’ve been leading Close To My Heart scrapbooking classes for many moons!
I am blessed, I tell ya’!
The scenario from the early days was a collection of scrapbooking supplies and not using them.

Then nearly eight years ago, I started designing Pajama FUNN Party layouts and guides.
It is great. We all are using our supplies! We order one month and make the layouts the next month.

Jump to now, the new scenario is a collection of beautiful layouts!
Really, this isn’t a problem it is “just a thing”.

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Today on Close To My Heart’s blog, there is a great article about scrapbooking chronologically. Read it here¬†Make It from Your Heart.

So, Mary FUNN Gunn, why are you telling us and where are the bears?

I’m telling you this because I have been pulling out my layout stash and using them for some fast and beautiful re-do scrapbooking from those nasty magnetic album pages!

Looky! Looky!
Do you recognize some of these papers? I think this one was called Urban and was fantastic for a couple suburban boys who are now in their thirties!

I have no idea what this kit was called. I just see some of loves of my life and my heart is filled again and again.
This layout will be perfect for some caption contests from the subjects as adults!

Can’t remember this kit’s name, either, but I love the way the blue jammies and the little miss in the pink look on these pages! I remember the time and FUNN we had taking these photos. You can see it on the boys’ faces.

Speaking of chronological constraints, not all of these photos were taken at one time, but I had the room and I had some singleton photos which fit beautifully.

Put those notions of the perfect scrapbook to bed! Nighty night bothersome perfection!

Speaking of putting to bed, how about a BEAR?

This little card was inspired by a card I made years ago, hey, it is TBT! The first card was made with bunnies, but this polar darlin’ makes it happen just fine.

FUNNy thing, the bed is made from an Urban kit scrap (see layout above).

Then the bear, her buddy, and her bed were all wrapped up in a card with a “belly band” and a hand-drawn flower¬†which coordinates with the bear’s jammie ensemble!


So, NO WORRIES! Join the FUNN! Scrapbook with us! NO WORRIES Pajama FUNN Party is the next layout event.

As always, please let me know if you have a question. I love to hear from you.



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