TBT on Mary Gunn FUNN for May 2008 – 2015

I’m getting in tooth even on the internet!
It is TBT to my own blog for some favorite May posts over the past 7 years.
TBT to earlier this week – one of the Blossom Pajama FUNN Party layouts!
Read more about PJ FUNN Parties here.
May I say, this PJ FUNN party is especially cute and the gals are LOVING it!
TBT; May 2014
I just loved these cards – still miss vellum!
Do you think I will ever get over the separation of vellum and CTMH?

TBT; May 2013
I love this layout – it was made with Cricut leftovers and filled with odds and ends photos of people I have been blessed to know. 
See how on the link.
TBT; May 2011
Studio J Layout Memory – I can’t believe it has been this long since I made this layout!
Sweet Mo-girl has passed on now and I miss her snuggles.
Why don’t I use Studio J more!?!?!?! I’m setting a new goal 4 Studio J layouts a month!


TBT; May 2010
This card was a personal recollection of my mom’s “mom-isms”
What things do you say that make you go, “I sound like my mother!”?

TBT; May 2009
Drawing to Show Life – I’ve saved a lot of memories not with photos (who could get a cat to re-enact this), but with bad sketches. It’s me and yes, these drawings are in our scrapbooks!

TBT; May 2008
This is one of my favorites.
Please enjoy this weekend, but I hasten to remind you of the brave servants of freedom who have perished for our freedom and their families. 
God bless you all and God bless America.
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