Super Glue Guys Want You to Have a FUNNday MUNNday!

Because they are dedicated to every MUNNday being a FUNNday!

Recently, I sat down with The Super Glue Guys
and asked them about their dedication to scrap booking.

marygunnFUNN: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, SGGs! May I call you “SGGs”?

Croppman: Sure, call us SGGs or Croppman and Scrappin’! We thank you, marygunnFUNN for this opportunity!
We are big time FUNN friends!

marygunnFUNN: Wow, thank you! I really appreciate your dedication to helping FUNN friends STUCK on scrap booking and paper crafting. Why are you so dedicated to this art form instead of something like parachuting?

Scrappin’: (laughs) Well, parachuting is a FUNNy choice, mgF! Remember, we are super heroes and wear capes!

marygunnFUNN: Oh, jeepers, of course! Well, why paper crafting, then?

Croppman: When you look at our scrap books, you will see our family has a history in the adhesive business. We love being a part to help others enjoy their own family’s history!

Scrappin’: Yes, our very core is adhesive. We love helping others get STUCK on scrap booking, like our family!

marygunnFUNN: Oh, that makes a lot of sense. My readers love FUNN tipps about getting their scrap booking done. What do you suggest?

(Scrappin’ and Croppman nod vigorously)
Croppman: You, marygunnFUNN are  a really big part of families getting their scrap booking done! You and your Pajama FUNN Party Scrapbooking guides and layout tipps! Wow, we can’t imagine how many thousands of memories you have helped save! You understand helping other STICK to scrap booking!

marygunnFUNN: Well, I have had a long run of helping others, but, really, SGG’s, my clients inspire me more than they will ever know!
It is like having accountability partners! I think of them and their families as I design and go through the steps of preparing and sharing.

Scrappin’: That is cool, marygunnFUNN! You have your own super hero side! Maybe you have a FUNN tipp to share with us!

marygunnFUNN: One thing is for certain, is using Close To My Heart products exclusively! Since the inception of the Pajama FUNN Party, the product lines have become more and more PJ friendly! My scrap booking business and my FUNN friends’ scrap booking lives have become so easy! We love it!

Croppman: So, marygunnFUNN, I’ve heard a lot of people buy product, but don’t use it. What is your super power to get them to complete their layouts?

marygunnFUNN: Well, I wish I could make everyone finish because they will be so proud of sharing those filled books with their family, but sadly, I can not force them.
I do try to encourage them with ideas, making it simple, reminders, FUNN memory joggers, and all the support I can muster.
Just this weekend, a group of us spent together scrapping.
It is very rewarding to see layouts from months to years ago come to life with memories about Thanksgiving, football, new babies, and so much more.
I finished about seven or eight layouts for my own scrap books! SO EASY!

I am always thinking of ways to connect with new FUNN friends and help them jump those darn nasty hurdles of expense, time, and lack of creativity.
My designs are specifically made with busy career moms in mind.
Moms who find value in pre-designed, easy to order, simple to reconstruct layouts. But, I have served grannies and ‘tweens, too!

marygunnFUNN: You guys have some devoted fans, Croppman and Scrappin’. Are you aware of that?

(Croppman and Scrappin‘ turn a little BASHFUL or is that BLUSHful)?

Scrappin’: I know! We made our public appearance in 2012 and it surprises us how well we have been received!
Usually, scrap bookers and paper crafters are very nice people.

marygunnFUNN: That is the truth! I love my scrap bookers and paper crafting friends!
What is one of your best memories as super heroes?

Croppman: That one is easy! It was helping during the 2016 National marygunnFUNN Day’s Operation Smile FUNNdraiser!

marygunnFUNN: That was a great day! So many nice FUNN friends and so many smiles at the event and made for Operation Smile!
Well, SGG’s, I have loved spending some time with you this evening. It is always FUNN to work with you as we work as partners to keep FUNN friends STUCK to scrap booking and paper crafting!
I really feel like you interviewed me! You are SUPER heroes!

Super Glue Guys say together: Thank you, marygunnFUNN! We are committed to working with you, too, as we keep your FUNN friends STUCK to scrap booking all those crazy beautiful memories.



mary, Croppman, and Scrappin’!

Be sure to follow The Super Glue Guys on their own FB page for cute craft ideas for kids and ideas to help you STICK to scrap booking! After all, helping you STICK to scrap booking is really in their blood!

P.S. off to hang with my Mama and continue celebrating her birthday month! Have a FUNNday!


Mary's Profile Picture Mary Gunn FUNN is the host of Craft Roulette, Cut The Crap & Create, FUNN University Live, and other special events. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting to create a different kind of paper-craft media.

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