Mary, Mary, quite contrary…

Many companies, and stores are moving full throttle into sales, and that is so FUNN. I love shopping. I love new things, but this year, I’m going to live up to my name as “Mary, Mary, quite contrary.”
Here we are on the first day of the official start of “Craft Season”, I’m going on a craft supply buying fast.

Be sure to scroll down for the challenge!

This is my current paper stash.
I like my stash.
I like my paper, my inks, my stamps.

I like a good challenge, too, and so I am challenging myself to use what I have for the next 4 months, and keep track of how many projects I make – and I make a lot!

To be completely transparent, I will buy white card stock, black card stock, gray card stock, card bases, envelopes, and adhesive as needed because I need those for FUNN University and Craft Roulette. Other than that, I am, oh, this is hard to say, limiting my paper crafting purchases until 2021 to under $100 and maybe even $50 for four months.

After asking on my mary gunn FUNN FB group, “If you made 2 cards a day, and 3 layouts a month, how long could you craft without buying one more thing?…,” and getting hilarious answers like…

  •  “Rest of my life…oooh, look a new collection,” Judy
  • “Is this a trick question?,” Amy
  • “Probably a few years at least. Lol,” Barb
  • “The rest of my life…at least but there would be leftovers for 2 generations!” Terri
  • “Years….” Jacque
  • “At least 5 years,” Kim
    I was inspired to see how long my supplies would last, so here I go!

I’m not about to torture myself, but to test myself. Something I’ve learned from hosting 25 episodes of Craft Roulette is, when given parameters, I am motivated and inspired, not hampered. I’m excited about this challenge too, I think I will be more creative than less. We’ll see!


  • Use the paper I have without buying more until 2021
  • Limit my paper craft purchases to $50 – $100 over the next four months
  • Create. Create. and Create some more

Want to join us? Post a photo of your stash on your Facebook page, and use the hashtag #StashBashChallenge. Challenge a crafty friend, too, by tagging them in your challenge!

I’m going to keep track of cards and scrapbook layouts I make for the next 4 months – I’ll do a post here for my “diary” score card.

BONUS: Extending the $9.95 FUNN University enrollment price ONE DAY!

We’ve had such a great response to our $9.95 price, we are extending it until midnight (Central) tonight! Come on and join the FUNN!

ENROLL NOW, FUNN UNIVERSITY! Start your Craft Season with learning!

HERE I GO! Stay tuned for weekly updates. I feel lighter already.

Mary's Profile Picture Mary Gunn FUNN is the host of Craft Roulette, Cut The Crap & Create, FUNN University Live, and other special events. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting to create a different kind of paper-craft media.

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