• Use the paper I have without buying more until 2021
  • 10 more weeks to go!
  • Limit my paper craft purchases to $50 – $100 over the next four months
  • Create. Create. and Create some more

Want to join us? Post a photo of your stash on your Facebook page, and use the hashtag #StashBashChallenge. Challenge a crafty friend, too, by tagging them in your challenge!

This week’s “dilemma”

Hosting Craft Roulette every week with outstanding crafters is both an inspiration for being creative, but also is tempting to buy the latest and cutest products! So, what happened?

Guest Crafter Erin Jacobson, Episode # 31 (Crafty Concepts with Erin) is part of a design team collaboration called 31 Days of Christmas Cards. They are making some really pretty cards, y’all. One of the cards Erin made used a black, gray, and red plaid paper from Close To My Heart. Well, since I’m on a paper fast, I knew I wouldn’t buy it, so, I made my version. Then, while I had it “whipped up”, I made it a “one-sheet wonder”, and created 9 cards from it using our FUNN University Foundations digital guides, too. So my fasting results ended up being great because, not only did I get to use a few supplies I had (paper, ink, and a stamp set) to make the paper, I got to do so right away, and not wait until I order, received the product (which by then I would have forgotten what I wanted to do).

Yes, someday I will buy new paper. Yes, that day will be so FUNN! But until then, I’m happy and loving the creative hurdles I’m leaping.

Let’s look at my creative output numbers so far.

#StashBashChallenge Week 5 Numbers

dateLayouts/weektotal*other projectstotalcards/weektotal**
week 1112323
week 2236083
week 31423106
week 4046 mini albums67113
week 5370619136
week 6180614150
week 7193 tags913163
Not too shabby!

*total of layouts made since the beginning of the #StashBashChallenge on 09/01/2020; **total of cards made since the beginning of the #StashBashChallenge on 09/01/2020.

To see more about Craft Roulette, click on this link! The archived videos are all there, but the samples – you, guys – the galleries are so FULL of great ideas! It’s like our own parameter Pinterest boards!

One thing I won’t give up is having such fabulous Guest Crafters on Craft Roulette! We are completely booked through the end of 2020 with crafters you will be inspired by and will love “hanging out” with at the wheel every Friday evening at 6:30 Central on Facebook/marygunnFUNN.

Here is a link to our past Guest Hall of Fame – every last one of them a star!

my pattern paper bin

One stash update & tip – I took all my patterned paper OUT of the plastic bags so I can flip through it more easily. Here’s a tip – store it in a plastic tub, add foam board or strong chipboard every few inches to keep it standing upright, and add some sort of “bookend” to keep it from splaying all over the bin. Mine is a lovely chunk of petrified wood.


No expenses this week.

My Take Away So Far

Stash: Didn’t make a dent in my supplies – again!
Limiting Purchases: Not having a problem, enjoying using what I have – it is like giving a paper or stamp friend purpose in life.
Using What I Have: Totally working!

Challenge yourself! Your challenge does not have to be the same as mine. Your challenge may be to finish a project plus a deadline, to sort through a pile of paper and give 10% away, to have a craft sale, or whatever it is that acts as a roadblock to your creativity and craft time.

Let us know in the comments and on I go! #StashBashChallenge.

Have a FUNN week.

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