#StashBashChallenge; Week 16


  • Use the paper I have without buying more until 2021
  • Limit my paper craft purchases to $50 – $100 over the next four months
  • Create. Create. and Create some more

Want to join us? Post a photo of your stash on your Facebook page, and use the hashtag #StashBashChallenge. Challenge a crafty friend, too, by tagging them in your challenge!

Merry Christmas 2019

This Weeks’ Realization

Toys In / Toys Out

Craft supplies are a little bit like toys.

I remember some moms who would give away a toy every time a new toy was brought in. Have you ever thought about doing that with your supplies? Here are some ideas.

New Supplies
New trimmer in – old trimmer out; new paper pack in – old paper pack out. new stamp set in – old stamp set, well, everything in moderation! :o)

Use it Up
Before you buy a new set of 24 papers, use 24 papers. Yes, that’s right. You can do it, too, by making a pile of easy cards for a nursing home, church group, or soldiers. Use that favorite paper you’ve been hoarding saving for the base of a great scrapbook page.

Give it Away
If you love craft supplies like I do, think how happy you can make a young crafter with a big box of goodies. Maybe a single mom with limited funds, a family who had to homeschool, a day care provider or granny who would appreciate your supplies and your skills!
SHOEBOX of Crafts
Fill a shoebox full of card bases; trimmed card stock & patterned pieces; stickers; small stamp sets with a ink cube, glue, and samples.
I freakin’ would have slept with that under my pillow as a kid.

Enroll in FUNN University
One of the things I hear most often from students is how excited and inspired they are by what they learn, now understand, and the inspiration they get from Labs on campus.
We have a beautiful community of welcoming and supporting students, and offer a diverse and informative line of labs from Introduction classes called FUNNdamentals, casual Study Halls, Scrapbook Labs that builds on a step-by-step exclusive FUNN U. process & guide system; Cards+ Labs which give ideas & art theory understanding.

We have an incredible special running now through the end of the year – take advantage of this!

You’ve bought the stuff, now spend a fraction of that on your learning more about what you love – paper crafts. You deserve to give yourself FUNN Universtiy.


FUNN University 2021

I have had so much FUNN planning for our new year classes! Each time I come up with a unique and helpful idea, I smile, and kiss my brain, because I know the students will thrive with these lessons.
Study Hall – every Monday. We’ll build on what we do and there may be a few new surprises
Scrapbook Labs – the first 3 Tuesdays of the month. We’ll build on what we do, add new Foundations, and grow our understanding of saving memories.
Cards+ Labs – the first 3 Thursdays of the month. We’ll build on our design-based classes, using our digital guide system, and continue to challenge you to new ideas.
Crop Labs – the last Monday of the month. These classes vary and fill in gaps of teaching.
Student Showcase – the last day of the month on Facebook.com/marygunnFUNN. We love showing off the Homework sent in by students based on what they learned in class.

ENROLL TODAY and use the code CRAFT when enrolling.

Here is just one quote by a student about her experience…

“I am loving FunnU so much and these challenges, Sue and I were talking about how much we are looking at our crafting supplies so different.  If it wouldn’t have been so late last night, I had a couple other ideas I was going to try with the challenge…probably still will, so stay tuned!   Thank you so much Mary for sharing your talents with us fellow crafters! 😘
Thank you, Christy!

A FUNNy thing happened in all the Christmas hubbub with my chart – I LOST IT, but I know I made a LOT of cards!

dateLayouts/weektotal*other projectstotalcards/weektotal**
week 1112323
week 2236083
week 31423106
week 4046 mini albums67113
week 5370619136
week 6180614150
week 7193 tags913163
week 81100929192
week 90108- 8.5×11 layouts1722214
week 100108 – 8.5×11 layouts2514228
week 110108 – 8.5×11 layouts & 2 gift holders3532360
week 120104 – 8.5×11 layouts3914374
week 1311103915389
week 14112039at least 38427
week 1511303925452

*total of layouts made since the beginning of the #StashBashChallenge on 09/01/2020; **total of cards made since the beginning of the #StashBashChallenge on 09/01/2020.

My Take Away So Far

Stash: bashing the stash is a blast
Limiting Purchases: haven’t bought anything but white and black cardstock since August, and STILL HAVE enough of EVERYTHING!
Using What I Have: brings me joy and I love not having the pressure & guilt of a growing and unused stash

Going into my LAST week of my self-imposed stash bash challenge. I think this way of thinking will have long term effects of how I view my supplies. Time will tell!

Mary's Profile Picture Mary Gunn FUNN is the host of Craft Roulette, Cut The Crap & Create, FUNN University Live, and other special events. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting to create a different kind of paper-craft media.

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