#StashBashChallenge; Week 14


  • Use the paper I have without buying more until 2021
  • 5 more weeks to go!
  • Limit my paper craft purchases to $50 – $100 over the next four months
  • Create. Create. and Create some more

Want to join us? Post a photo of your stash on your Facebook page, and use the hashtag #StashBashChallenge. Challenge a crafty friend, too, by tagging them in your challenge!

See more samples in Friday’s FUNN mail (that will be out on Tuesday, 12-15-2020)

I was cleaning not only my MESK! (my hybrid word for “messy desk”), but my cards from Craft Roulette and FUNN University and made a set of these rustic easy Christmas cards. During one of the November Cards+ Labs, I showed how to create a card kit, and I guess I gave it to myself!

This Weeks’ Realization

Crafting success is based on many things. Sometimes it is just getting a product out and start doing something! I often hear about products which have not been ever used. If you have some of these, get them out and have some FUNN. Don’t get me wrong, I love a new stamp set, a new paper pattern, and all, but I have also really liked concentrating on using the treasures I have.

Teaming what I have with the concerted efforts to teach art and craft focused classes have really propelled me forward, especially during this challenge. The value of FUNN University increases immediately as you tour the campus and find…

  • Lesson Library of archived classes with tips galore, samples, student galleries, coordinating guides
  • Three types of classes (scrapbooking, cardmaking, and FUNNdamentals – or intro classes)
  • Digital guides for scrapbooks and cards (with samples)
  • TEN live Labs a month with a quick interactive chat room personally built for our students (yes, there is some extra FUNN built in)
  • No tech skills needed in particular, plus we have a full time tech guy in labs and available
  • A FUNN Student Lounge which includes projects, food, friendship, lesson info, and news

One of the main reasons I am proud of FUNN University is because most of the students who have started with us, have stayed with us. I love “going live” for the pre-lab time and catching up with the students. I also love being able to offer the archived lab where students can pause and create.

Ask Santa for a 6-month enrollment for a very low $50 one time payment. Use the code CRAFT during enrollment to FUNN University for this great rate.

How is my making coming along?

dateLayouts/weektotal*other projectstotalcards/weektotal**
week 1112323
week 2236083
week 31423106
week 4046 mini albums67113
week 5370619136
week 6180614150
week 7193 tags913163
week 81100929192
week 90108- 8.5×11 layouts1722214
week 100108 – 8.5×11 layouts2514228
week 110108 – 8.5×11 layouts & 2 gift holders3532360
week 120104 – 8.5×11 layouts3914374
week 1311103915389
week 14112039at least 38427
*total of layouts made since the beginning of the #StashBashChallenge on 09/01/2020; **total of cards made since the beginning of the #StashBashChallenge on 09/01/2020.

My Take Away So Far

Stash: Got plenty
Limiting Purchases: how did I ever afford to buy so much
Using What I Have: I like what I have and using it is very FUNN

I really love paper crafting. It is so satisfying to zone in to a project, find new pieces that will fit together, and make my mini card front “masterpieces”. I believe many of you feel the same way. That’s a nice part of my life – paper and you. Have a great week. Take good care of yourself and we’ll see you soon.

Mary's Profile Picture Mary Gunn FUNN is the host of Craft Roulette, Cut The Crap & Create, FUNN University Live, and other special events. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting to create a different kind of paper-craft media.

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