#StashBashChallenge; Week 1

Times they are a changing, and I am glad I have been changing right along with them. There have been so many changes in the craft world since I became a “professional” crafter in 2000.  When I started in direct sales, the craft world was very small, it sure isn’t now! This was very apparent when I went shopping last weekend!

Yep, I Went Shopping During My Stash Bash

I went to 3 stores featuring paper crafting supplies with my friend Allene. We went to two smaller papercraft boutiques and one hobby super store. What I am realizing is what a loyal one-company girl I’ve been! There were so many cute products and projects everywhere! The temptation was great to just get a little something.

But, did I buy anything?

Yes, I did. I bought 100 sheets of white 12″ x 12″ card stock and 100 sheets of black 12″ x 12″ card stock (these products are not a part of my fast, see HERE), both from Hobby Lobby. They were a reasonable price, but I stupidly didn’t use a coupon, and I hear they go on sale for 50% off every once in awhile. Right now, I’m not intending to review products, but these seem like good papers for layout bases and layering. The white was nice to stamp on (see stamped poppies below).

Read about my personal challenge HERE.

About My Stash

You can see my card stock supply in the photo, plus about 250 stamp sets.

Current card stockCurrent patterned paper/stickers
Small card stock scrapsB&W scraps & full sheets
Large card stock & patterned scrapsCard bases & design cards
My stash key

Week 1‘s Creative Tally

projectmade this weektotal
12″ x 12″ pages22

My Take Away So Far

Stash: no appreciable difference in supplies
Limiting purchases: feels better to use what I have, and do not feel deprived, even at the stores or window shopping on line.
Using what I have: feels tremendous

Questions About My Stash Bash Challenge

Several have asked me if they can do this or that if they do this challenge, so let me clarify this challenge.
This is a personal challenge to myself with personal parameters.

Is this a one-size fits all challenge?
Not at all. You are welcome to play along with my parameters, define your own challenge, or if you just want to watch me, it’s cool, too.! Jayma Malme said she once had a challenge with a friend to not buy anything more until they made 10 layouts! She said she really got busy. Maybe that is a direction to take?

Can the challenge start after you make an order or receive an order?
Sure! You can start or stop anytime.

My main goal is to slow myself down and to “smell the roses” or to enjoy inking & cutting the stamps and paper I have because I have plenty. Notice I didn’t say “enough,” there is no “enough” with the things we love.

PLEASE USE #StashBashChallenge when you post about your stash bashing!

I’d love to hear what you think below from 1 -5, where do you find yourself?

  1. I AM IN!
  2. I am going to join you, but first I…(need to make minimums, go on a buying spree, have to do my nails)
  3. I think I could do this if I limit my challenge to…(card stock, stamps, inks, stencils, but never chocolate)
  4. This sounds really hard, and maybe someday
  5. No way, sister, good luck!

So that is it for this week. We’ll see how Week 2 goes. Have a FUNN week!

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