Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday – Celebrate with Cake!

I think we can.
I think we can.

and here’s how!

We start the week by celebrating with some CUTE FUNN!

marygunnFUNN.comSpecial moments are so easy to celebrate.
Moments which include:
anniversaries (of all kinds)



I am of the ilk, however, any day, even MUNNday, is a celebration,
especially when there is cake!
Banana, Chocolate, German Chocolate, White, Marble, Carrot, Yellow – they are all good!

This little tri-fold card would be a jim dandy way to bring some FUNN and celebration
to a birthday, wouldn’t it?
Total size: 9″ x 5″
Colors: Glacier, Smoothie, and a Sweet Leaf/Pear mix

marygunnFUNN.comThe middle sentiment is not from the Stamp of the Month.
It is only available with Hostess Rewards!
How about it, who wants to host a gathering (online or in person)
to qualify for this darling set (page 7 in the Annual Inspirations – the big white book)

marygunnFUNN.comOOPS revealed – This was suppose to be a pocket card!
I added the front pretty on the pocket side and so sealed the deal.
I think it turned out better without the pockets, though.
It is better to laugh than grumble at life’s oops!
Whatever comes to your MUNNday, I know you can make it cause to have a celebratory FUNNday!

Celebrate with Cake!

Have funn,

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