Stamp of the Month – Grid Stamping FUNN – a learning experience

And now, see how!
I thought, gee, it would be FUNN to make a card with a grid for stamping.
So, I got out an old roll of Washi Tape and taped off my grid.
Lesson One:
It was  too much math for this “gotta create moment” to measure the grid,
 so my rectangles weren’t the same size.
No problem. Trim the card after stamping!
Lesson Two:
Kiss your Versamat everyday. It is a good friend.
Buy a Versamat or two.

Lesson Three – STAMPING:
If you haven’t tried the FUNN of stamping – email me now, really!
You must discover the Joy of Stamping!

Lesson Three
Pull off the Washi Tape for your masterpiece’s reveal – oh, no – some of paper pulled off!
The Washi Tape did pull off some paper.
a. do a pre-project “stick off” by “taping” the Washi a couple times on your Versamat first.
b. or embrace the texture of the rips and increase their presence

Voile – a pretty card.
Lesson Four:
I wanted more of this card.
Make several stamped fronts of card or stamp an entire 12″ x 12″ piece of cardstock
and trim to fit for your layouts, projects, and cards.

Lesson Five:
Finish off the card with a little Slate Striped Ribbon.

Lesson Six:
The more you play with a stamp, the more you will love it
Reminds me of an old song…bring it on, Chris Montez!
Chris, where ever you are, I hope you are having a FUNN day!
You, too, FUNN Friends!
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