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but first, here is the adorable
 stamp set Share the Love 
which you should have
and to add to the adorableness,
$7 of every purchase of this stamp set
goes to
A medical mission who fix cleft palates, cleft lips, and facial deformities
in children in the third world.
$240 pays for an entire surgery.
FUNN FRIENDS have ALREADY paid for ONE entire surgery this month.
Will you join us on our quest to pay for a second?
Here are some archived post you could use with this stamp set:
Evolution of mobile phones.
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because FUNN mails have
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FUNN mail Friends will be getting all sorts of FUNN ideas on cards,
like these using the
Stamp Set from



Watch carefully to look for a common denominator with these cards!
 this cutie patootie using
Paper FUNNdamentals and second generation stamping,



 this card featuring masking,


and this card featuring hand drawn lines and wonk-a-vision.



What do all these cards have in common?
The design idea, which I found in my
Be sure to get your own copy free when you order your stamp set.
Look on page 13 to find the inspiration card.


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Because all week I will be showing MORE cards and more card FUNN tipps.
And how about a scrapbook layout using this stamp set?
My FUNN CLubBers will be creating this layout this month.
I wonder what memories will be saved on these pages?
Be sure to join my FUNN mail list and
be sure to purchase SHARE THE LOVE this month!
Have a FUNN week!


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