A FUNNy thing happened on the way to clean my studio, I got sidetracked!

It is ok. I’m at peace with my sidetrackedness! When I was a young mum, I was helped by the “Side Tracked Home Executives” book and system. They are still around! Check these girls out!
This really has nothing to do with this post.
Sidetracked people will understand this!

I”m a Close To My Heart consultant and I’m about to have my 18th anniversary with them!
During those years, I have had a lot of paper cross my life path.
I found  a pile of some last night and I had an idea. 

Whip them into something! So the “whipping” commenced!

Using a pile of very retired CTMH B&T papers, I started cutting 6″ square samples into four 4″x5.25″ card FRONTS.

Then during my second cup of coffee this morning, I saw a mini album on Instagram.
Immediately, I put two and two together and got three!
How about a #Sayanora2017 TOPP THREE MINI ALBUM?!?

Now, I have a pile of card fronts for quick and easy cards to mail or gift
and a substantial start to a #Sayonara2017 album!

I’m wordy, so let’s start with the TOPP Three Questions. 
Use as many or as few as you want.
Interview your family for their questions, too!

  • New Experiences
  • Same old Experiences You Wouldn’t Trade for the World
  • Coffee or Tea Moments (coffee shops? tea parties?)
  • Kid Moments that Made You Laugh and or Cry (adult kids count, too)
  • Nope, Never Again Moments
  • Dumb Trends Wisely Rejected
  • Parties You Attended and/or Hosted
  • Favorite Spots in Your House
  • Car Life (hours spent in it, new vehicles, “favorite car guy”, $ spent in repair)
  • Shopping (where? internet? fave shops? fave CTMH Consultant-ahem? alone? with the crew?)
  • Something bought every day, week, and/or month
  • Eats (restaurant? cafe? faves? hot/cold? on the run? made for you? TV gurus, FUNN cropp food?)
  • Phones and tech (talk about something that changes)
  • Fave CTMH papers, stamps, and Pajama FUNN Party layouts – scrapbooking itself is a memory to be celebrated
  • Losses, pain, hurts (it is life)
  • Gains, joy, love (so happy this happens, too)
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite views
  • Accomplishments
  • Favorite huggers

That should get us started!

Here are some of my card front / mini album pages…

marygunnFUNN.comWho can name the paper and the year? I can’t!



I was going to make some cutting diagrams, but I got too sidetracked in the moment, so fake it! Yours will be beautiful!

I made 4-each of 16 kits of CTMH Paper. There may be one or two I didn’t post.

Watch on my marygunnFUNN FB page and my IG for more samples.
My camera battery is very old and tired.

Check here, too, and I’ll add the mini scrapbook when it is getting groovier and groovier!

for your own #Sayanora2017 Mini Album!

Should we hashtag it? #Sayanora2017 ?

Have a FUNN 12-31-2017!



P.S. This is perfect for the scrapbooker, the card maker, and to neither – just write down some answers and stick them in a notebook or sketchpad with some photos!

#NONScrapbookerLivesMatter – let me movement start here!

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