Pump-GUNN FUNN – Camper FUNN Card & Close To My Heart Making Connections FUNN

October is
on Mary Gunn FUNN
I will be featuring UNN-USUAL Pump-GUNN FUNN cards.
And I think this qualifies, don’t you?

Combining my Camper FUNN Cards in a Pump-GUNN motif. 
Products used:
Back Ground & Texture Paper: Nevermore
Black Shimmer Trim and Black Gems
Speaking of GEMS, here are bunch of them!
Loved spending time with Close To My Heart consultants Thursday – so FUNN!
Close To My Heart came to Overland Park, KS for an evening of training
(my favorite kind of business meetings)!
REALLY loved spending special time making memories with these three amigas!
Proud that my team members came the farthest to attend this event.
Susan Fogle, Brighton, MI
Sue Masoner, North Kansas City, MO
Carmen Sachs, Louisville, KY 
THANK YOU for Making Connections so much more FUNN.
You are really Close To My Heart.
If you would like to be a part of this special crew 
(and the special “Positive IMPressions” not pictured), 
now is the time!
Be sure to come back all month to see more 


More UNN-USUAL Pump-GUNN FUNN cards already featured.
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