Prickly Pear Pajama FUNN Party, Stampaganza, #BEARweek Wrap

It is time for the new Prickly Pear Pajama FUNN Party reveal!

My Pajama FUNN Parties are designed for you and your busy buddies! Please share with them and plan to have FUNN scrapbooking!

For over seven years, I have designed and shared cutting guides and scrapbooking tipps as a thank you gift for FUNN friends who order the Pajama FUNN Party Shopping List during the qualifying ordering window.

This month is a real money saver for you because I want you to try this proven FUNN way to get your layouts made!

The Shopping Guide for Prickly Pear is simple. Here it is!

Prickly Pear Paper Pack
My Girl Complements (as shown) or Prickly Pear (you are on your own)
Your total order is only $16.90!
OR Prickly Pear Workshop Your Way kit, still a love $26.95

You will also need White Daisy card stock, a 12″ x 12″ paper trimmer, and a good safe paper-to-paper adhesive.

Aren’t these FUNN layouts? Are you thinking of memories to save on them?

Mats aren’t included, by the way, but shown for photo placement ideas, only.

I’ve been adding a FUNN Plus One layout in addition to the other layouts, just for FUNN.



Since you will be saving all sorts of moolah on your PJ FUNN Party, you will be able to treat yourself to Stampaganza!Stampaganza
FUNN friends, look in your email box for a long list of suggestions in today’s FUNN mail!

Change Is Coming
Close To My Heart Changes to be Made on August First –
FUNN friends, look in your email box for a long list of suggestions in today’s FUNN mail!

FUNN friends, look in your email box to learn the details how you might winn this huge prize in today’s FUNN mail!
LOOKING forward to the drawing of YOUR name!


#BEARWeek! Wrap Up. Here you go, all those crazy bears!
I know you will want this stamp set, so add Jack-Cardmaking; C1678, $13.95

NOW, all you have to decide is one more stamp set to buy and one stamp set for free!

#BEARyweek Wrap Up!

Soon to be detailed!

Welcome to July FUNN! Welcome every month with FUNN!

Nighty Night, Baby Bear!

Grant Wood and Cookie Inspired #BEARweek pieces, What the what?
lus a prompt guide for “Tell Me About Stamping in the Olden Days”.

Speak No, Hear No, See No or is it Hear No, Speak No….See here,
LSO, SEE FIVE other #BEARweek posts not listed here! OY with the Bears already!

Ever wonder what a “hipster” is? Find out here!
lso, enjoy a “How Old Were You When?” quiz!

Did you love the 1960’s Beach Party movies? You have to see this post!

See why charcoal masks aren’t just for people!

See “Gustatory” used in Chef Boy-R-Bear post


BEARING up alright?

If you missed today’s FUNN mail,
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Have a FUNN day!



Oh, yeah, you can get all those great monthly word puzzle stamp sets free as a new CTMH consultant with qualifying order!


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