I’ve been teaching paper crafts, especially stamping, card making, and scrap booking for 20 years, and I know when I see something cute, I just have to make it!
I also want all the tips and all the tricks, so I can have FUNN creating it, too.

This little project is one I would want to know about if I saw it, and I’ll get you started here.

See these panels being created on this LIVE from my MESK! video!

Which color palette tickles your fancy?

Do you like the direct stamping of the mandala or the vellum overlay from the original (scroll down) better? Am I asking too many questions?

(12:43) moving the T-square to this position was a dumbo move.
(35:00) when I said I don’t do live classes, I meant I don’t do live classes off campus. I do a boat load of live classes on the campus of FUNN U., and we are launching a NEW LIVE CLASS TONIGHT!

Dolled up the blue ombre panel.

Things I remembered after the LIVE:

  • After you finish the gradient column, sponge over the entire thing with the lightest color ink.
  • Keep your fingers clean so you don’t smudge on the white you want white.
  • Consider what black ink to stamp the mandala, or your stamp choice, in. I suggest a good archival or permanent ink.
  • You can use pigment ink or distress oxide inks for this technique for even more variety. I used dye based (water based) ink.
  • Go crazy on using these! Use it as die cut shapes, as gift tags, scrapbook elements, cards, and just about anything you want!
  • Go crazy with the mandalas, too, with shimmer pens, water color pencils, Sharpies, markers, inks, water colors, or whatever suites your fancy.
ombre blue card with gold embossed sentiment on vellum. FUNNUniversity.com
Original card – dig the eyelets!

Benefits of this idea

  • inexpensive way to make lots of colors from very few inks
  • impressive look without much difficulty or experience. Try it, it’s just paper!
  • versatile background for all sorts of stamps and purposes
  • a really FUNN way to spend some time at your MESK!

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Thanks so much for spending some time and searching for some good clean FUNN. We hope you will be inspired. Have a FUNNday MUNNday,

See you on campus!

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