Not Getting Enough Out of Your Stamps? I know what you can do.

We have stamps. We probably have stamps we haven’t gotten inky, too. Have you bought a cute stamp set because it was cute, but then never used it?

Horrible, isn’t it? The guilt of not using craft supplies is a panty-wadding misery!

But, I know what you can do.

One of the most FUNN things I do is stretch the creative stuffings out of every stamp set I buy, and I share them on the newest FUNNest University ever – FUNN University!

Ready for a mind blower? I have designed and created over 50 cards THIS MONTH! Many of them were designed during the Live Cards+ Lab on the campus of FUNN University. How FUNN to watch cards and stamps come to life and being able to chat with me and each other while they do.
Can’t make the Live Labs? No problem, we archive (in HD) all the lessons for your convenience.

OK, so let me show you a couple, ready? #hedgehog
Hedgehog taking a green tea bath.
Check out other samples of this layout design on CAS(E) this Sketch!

Don’t you love how one stamp can become such a different style and feel?
The top card features Sweet Girl scraps from my FB LIVEs in June. I did 6 LIVES to share a taste of FUNN University coolness. Check them out HERE (or scroll down for last class I did).

The second card features a Close To My Heart special ensemble Then and Now.
If this stamp tickles your fancy, you’ll need to act quickly, because the special only goes through June 30th. Get yours on
I’m also sending the second card to the CAS(E) this Sketch! blog challenge. I get such a kick out of this blog because the fantastically diverse interpretations of a very simple featured design, like this.

You not alone for buying stamps without using them.
You are not alone in needing support for the FUNN you want, and we have it on campus.
Oh, and did I mention….
– we also scrapbook in addition to cards on campus?
– FUNN U. is for creatives, creative-wanna-be’s, and consultants, too.

We are just beginning. Will you try us? The first month is our gift to you.

Hope you are having a great summer, but it is getting hot out and it is the perfect time to go back to University, FUNN University, that is.
Questions? Just let me know!

mary, Founder and Head Professor of FUNN U.

FUNN University on FB – a special free class for you. There is just a little silliness at the beginning.

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