MUNNday FUNNday! Olympic Gold, “Secret” Look, Specials, and the Stamp of the Month

Happy MUNNday FUNNday!

I hope you are finding some cute FUNN along your day. I hope to add a smile or two to your MUNNday, too.

Let’s start with the Close To My Heart specials and how they look in practice!

Step Right Up! 

Your scrapbooks can be the Greatest Show, man, to you and your family!

Just imagine if someone hadn’t saved the memories of P.T. Barnum!

And to see how these colors look, here is a card…

Or, maybe you are more of a Pinkster!

Pretty in Pink is a perfect special for Barbie, you, and your girls!

Have you, by the way, ever scrapbooked your childhood toys, like Barbie?
Here is a card showcasing several pinks included in the special and the February Stamp of the Month.

Can’t decide on Step Right Up or Pretty in Pink? With these generous discounts, get both!

Or are you all wrapped up in the curling events of the Olympics and all that gold?

Image result
Here is a card for you!

Makin’ Waves Pajama FUNN Party coming later this week – mine is done and ready for the journaling!
The FUNN ClubBers have already had their early edition!

Have a FUNNday MUNNDay!


Did you notice those circles? They aren’t Olympic rings, nor are they stamped!
Can you guess how they are made?

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