Lagoon, Pear, Pineapples, and the Pedal Pusher Style Cycle

I have always had negative scores on clothing fashion.
I start to like a new trend just about the time it is replaced.
It’s ok, the only time I worry about it, is when I want to look jazzy.
But the desire passes!

But when I was a kid, I had a pedal pusher outfit with pineapples on it!
Not just pineapples, but beautiful Lagoon and Pear colored pineapples!


For those who are not sure what pedal pushers are, here you go…
ped·al push·er
ˈpedl ˌpo͝oSHər/
plural noun: pedal pushers
  1. 1.
    women’s calf-length pants.
    A woman modelling pedal-pushers with a vest top and handbag.
    In other words, “Pedal Pushers” are retro crops,
    which I now wear, thus completing my Pedal Pusher Style Cycle!
    Speaking of “RETRO“, saw this cute sketch on Retro Sketches
    and added my pineapples to the mix for tonight’s card.

Retro Sketches
thanks for a cute cute sketch and hope your family is doing better!)

plus my Close To My Heart pineapples

and  Lagoon and   Pear Inks

Another Style Cycle Completed, this time a card style!

Have a FUNN creative weekend! Hope to see you for FUNNday MUNNday!
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