Welcome to the unusual – a Tuesday post!

Ready to see my new Jack pajama FUNN party layouts designed with you in mind?

Do you have scrapbook envy? Are your memories locked up on your phone?
Do you need some help moving your memories to a tangible, beautiful scrapbook album?

Then, honey, let’s pajama FUNN party!


What is a marygunn pajama FUNN party?

In a word (or two) marygunn pajama FUNN parties are monthly, affordable, can-do, 12″ x 12″ layout scrapbooking designs which have been created especially for busy women since 2011.

How do you get the designs and guides?

Purchase the marygunnFUNN PJ FUNN Party monthly Shopping List online (or you can buy locally directly through me).
Supplies for your online orders will be delivered to your door and the guides and tipps will be delivered to your email account.
This is a great one-stop shopping and you can shop in your jammies!

WOW, that doesn’t sound very tough, does it? It isn’t! Why make this hard?

What do you get?

Cutting guides, FUNN tipps, and supporting pieces for four to five full 12″ x 12″ layouts.
Plus, there are suggestions, ideas, and tipps seen only through the program.

Can you pick and choose kits?

As a matter of fact, why not try ordering the marygunn pajama FUNN party shopping list over the next four months and give it a try?
I want you to love your results!

Can I get a group together for hostess rewards?

This really gives you the best deal. Even your husband will love the sound of FREE!
You and your friend(s) will qualify for at least $25 of gifts with a low $150. group order.
I would love discussing the options and be developing a personal plan that will fit your crafting needs.

How long have I been doing this? 

I have been scrapbooking since I was 8 years old! My first scrapbook is pretty darn funny.
I chose to be a Close To My Heart consultant in 2000 because I loved the high quality and affordability of their products.
Since then, Close To My Heart (CTMH) has continued to develop programs and ensembles which are beautiful and consistent to

The marygunn pajama FUNN parties started in 2011 when my most steady scrapbooking clients were collecting products more than creating projects.
That may be FUNN for awhile, but these gals work hard for their money!
They want to have their stories told and in scrapbooks, not just buy products.
I have to admit, buying products is pretty darn FUNN, though!
Monthly designs and kits have been enjoyed hundreds of times since.

I have the track record of success. Some scrappers have order every or nearly every month since the inception of this program.

Is there any other support?

Sure ’nuff!

I will develop a personal plan to help you and your friends succeed.
You can email me to arrange how your pajama FUNN party will look.

Do I have to like cats?

No. I like my cat and critter friends enough to cover the world!
The assistant gets away with whatever she wants.

marygunn JACK pajama FUNN party shopping list

Jack Workshop Your Way (G1128, $26.95)

If you are new, you will also need…
White Daisy cardstock for bases
12″x12″ paper trimmer
Paper-to-paper adhesive

Be watching my FB page all day for up close details of the JACK pajama FUNN party.
Pix going up all day on marygunnFUNN FB page!



NEW! It’s Tuesday in August, so there is a new Warehouse Sale product selection available. 50% off!
Lovin’ the Paper FUNNdamental collection for under $20!


BEARS – I’ll have a BEAR nation post up before the month is over (I think). 

Have you been loving Those FUNN BEARS this summer? Be sure to get the Jack = cardmaking stamp set so you can stamp bears and more bears forever and ever. This is the last month this darling set will be available.



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