It’s #FUNNdayMUNNday! Cookies & MESK Cleaning, Again, Still, Never Ending!

It’s FUNNday MUNNday!

Happy MUNNday FUNNday because life is more FUNN when we are smiling.

Last week one of my daughters and I spent a most delightful evening learning how to decorate cookies!
I must say, I am quite humbled!
The experience, however, does serve as a reminder of how while paper crafting is second nature to me, it isn’t for everyone!

Please meet Cindi Raven.
Cookie Decrating Instructor

She knows more about cookies and co0kie decorating than anyone I’ve ever met!

Ready to see some of my stunning work?

Well, Joanna made the pretty blue flower, and the little white flower cookie was made by Cindi!

Here are a few of my “master-cookies”.

While the lines may wobble, wobble, it is still delish to gobble, gobble.

This was FUNN because I got to spray color on it!
Cindi knows all the tricks!

As Cindi said, how cute would a plate of these be at an Independence Day celebration!
Don’t you love the gold “swoosh”?

Look at the cool shading on this tulip card!
Who knew?

“And then,” (Cindi thought she started a lot of sentences with, “And then…”) I got to stamp a cookie!

I felt a LITTLE more at home stamping, splattering, and painting a cookie!

It was so FUNN!

Thank you, again, Miss Cindi!
Please follow Cindi on FB, check out her SugarChatCookie blog, and ooh and ahhh over her Instagram account!


I spent a good portion of yesterday at my “MESK” (hybrid of mess + desk) and came these are some of the projects I ended up with.

The following cards were made with card stock scraps (I dislike putting scraps away).

Cardstock is on sale for a few more days, CLICK HERE!

I also used the Beautiful Friendship – Card making stamp set.

Stamping on card stock feels much more normal than cookies!
Cindi’s cookies are much more delish than cardstock, but my dog likes to eat both!


PLEASE join me tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. central for a new “LIVE from my MESK!” LIVE FB episode!
I loved “chatting” with so many of you last week.

I’m going to show you some SUPER FUNN cards (could be used on a layout, too) using my cat’s favorite stamp set.

Text a friend and invite them, too!

I’m in it for the FUNN, yours and mine!

Have a FUNNday MUNNday!


Oh, there is a cute card on my FB featuring the June Stamp of the Month, too!

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