IT’s BEAR Week – It’s Friday FUNNday, Hipster Bear, & How Old Were You?

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Welcome to Friday’s FUNN Bear post.

In my studies for this post, I have discovered remarkable facts about Hipsters.
For one, I may be an accidental senior citizen hipster (it could become a thing).

But for now, let’s get to today’s BEAR Week bear; I’m pleased to present HIPSTER BEAR.

What really made me smile was the reflection I was getting from his Liquid Glass eyeglasses
(which I suppose could be a pretty hipster vexation).

Apparently, one of the hipster phrases is, “I donated to….”, thus, the O.S. mug for his hipster coffee fixation.
Have you donated to O.S., yet?
O.S. being Operation Smile? It is easy to do and you can make your donation through my website.
If you do,  you are a FUNN Hipster or a FUNNster!

How many hipster elements do you recognize in today’s piece?
If you need a primer on what hipster is, may I suggest HIPSTER help from Wikihow ?
You will discover such things as

  • Keeping a nonchalant attitude about everything will help portray a more mysterious character.
  • Always have the latest iPhone handy.
  • Coffee (preferably fair trade sold from an indie coffee shop) is basically one of the food groups.
  • Lush, while somewhat mainstream, is a great place to shop for all natural, handmade soaps and shampoo bars. Just don’t buy those mainstream bath melts and such.
  • Realize that hipster has become really mainstream at the moment so a lot of this is not being a hipster at all. It’s just being a poser.
    cred goes to Wikihow)

Do you feel a little old by all this hipster talk?
Well, it is my belief the hipster maker types will be seeking we crafter types in time and venerate us as craft masters.
Prepare yourself by knowing the answers to these questions.

Hey, it is cool being vintage; embrace it, you crazy FUNNster, you!




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