Hi, my name is SamSack


Hi, my name is SamSack!
That is because I am made from a lunch sack from Sam’s.
Yes, I know you have a stack of 500 in the drawer.
That is how bunnies are, you know,
when you have two, you will have many more soon!

Here are some dimensions for you…
1. Roll the sack (originally size is 4″ x 7.5″) sides down 1.75″ at a time until sack is approximately 3″ tall.
2. Ears: trim 1″ x 4.5″ cardstock (I used Canary) to look like ears.
If this freaks your socks off, try trimming copy paper to size after sketching ears. You can do it!
Round the tippy tops of .25″ x 4″ pink card stock (I used Pixie) for inner ear part.
3. Card stock mat for face is 3.5″ x 2.5″ (I used Canary)
4. Patterned paper for face is 3.25″ x 2/25″ (I used Whimsy Paper FUNNdamentals)
5. Handle: 2 pieces of card stock. Green is 1″ x 12″ trim to height you want (I used Sweet Leaf) and yellow strip is .5″ x 12″ (I used Canary). Adhere yellow to green before adhering inside the bag.
I added a small paper flower with a light yellow brad for a “flower center”, too (not shown).
6. Whiskers are 3 tiny gray card stock strips cut super thin. I “fanned” them to at the center, glued them, and put the hand cut heart on top to cover the junction.


Draw face on before adding to sack. I used Le Pen 0.5.
Use a sponge to add pink cheeks.
Sponge the edges of the Paper FUNNdamentals to add definition.
Pre-stuff basket with paper towel if you don’t have a lot of shred. Shred was purchased at Michael’s.
Use googly eyes and brighter colors for younger children.
Personalize your SamSack BUNN for the recipient, too.
Make a card using the same paper pieces and dimensions for a card on back.

Have FUNN making your SamSack Bunns and let us see yours on the marygunnFUNN fb or tag us on IG with the hashtag #marygunnFUNN.

And now, here is HUNI BUNI with a message about bunny ownership, hit it, Huni!


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Have a HOPPY day!
It is going to be beautiful here.
There is a
sale on my website today, too,
until 3 pm mountain time. Check it out!

Have FUNN,


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