Happy Thursday and I Give a Flip in the TBT article!

Yeah, I give a flip and I’m not talking hamburgers!

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Nope, not burgers, I’m talking Warehouse Sale on this TBT!


https://www.closetomyheart.com/ctmh/promotions/campaigns/1708-warehouse-sale.aspxOnly 4.98! – Click on image to see this week’s entire product selection!

https://www.closetomyheart.com/ctmh/promotions/campaigns/1708-warehouse-sale.aspxONLY $8.45 – Click on image to see this week’s entire 50% off product selection

The Swan Lake layouts we made last year were some of my all time favorites!


And because I am kinda partial, make that very partial to my family, I loved this layout especially!

I think my Pajama FUNN Partiers liked it, too!

So, do you give a flip about saving memories on pretty layouts? Join us soon for a Pajama FUNN Party!

But in the meantime, I have something groovy to share.
I took some leftover Swan Lake papers I’ve been hoarding, I mean saving, for a special moment, like today!

A FUNNy thing happened with this card and the next card.
I used the same design, and the same patterned paper!

Yep, I did! I merely flipped the papers over to reveal a whole new look!

Another FUNN twist is in the gray! The gray background on the top is one of the new Basics FUNNdamental papers!

The FUNN twist is in the gray! The gray background on the top is one of the new Basics FUNNdamental papers!https://www.closetomyheart.com/Retail/Products.aspx?CatalogID=217The swan image is from a Picture My Life card in the paper pack, too!
Yeah, I’m feeling pretty smart, but this too shall pass.

So, do you have a preference? Will you be re-upping your Swan Lake stash?

Not convinced you have to have this, yet?

May I present exhibit #2. HELLO!

These cards are another case of “Giving a Flip” using more paper from Swan Lake!

The gray background mat is not from the Basics FUNNdamentals paper pack this time.

The gray background mat is from one piece of the NEW Basics CARDSTOCK! 

What I want you to notice is 
1. how well the new gray (Pewter) goes with the former grays from the last Basics palette (prior to August, 1st)
2. to remind you how cooooooool the new cardstock is with its two-tone grooviness
3. there will be a learning curve to this paper as we remember which side is suppose to be up, but you are smart that way.https://www.closetomyheart.com/Retail/Products.aspx?CatalogID=218The “hello” is from a Swan Lake Picture My Life card.
BTW, you need to be alert to paper and items with “hello” in them when you trim. You don’t want to send the wrong message!

It is hard to believe how little paper these cards are made from because of the flip! I love it and hope you do, too.
You probably do love it, you are smart that way, too!

So, let me give you the shopping advice I would want to get if you were my consultant…

  1. Go to the Warehouse Sale page and get some 50% off products before they are gone (new sale begins next Tuesday)
  2. Join us for the very cute Prickly Pear Pajama FUNN Party, so get the Prickly Pear Paper Pack and the My Girl Complements
  3. Start getting your new Basics FUNNdamental Papers
  4. Start getting your new 2-sided card stock packs, begin with the Basic Card Stock Pack!
  5. Ridiculously good idea, contact your friends and family, then contact me to make your own on line party link, so you can get some of those new goodies FREE! Remember, when you hit the third level of awards this month, you jump (even while you sitting down) to the next level of goodies! Extra $20 bonus? Love it!

Hope this gives you some ideas and some FUNN thoughts!

LMK about starting your online party link or if you have questions!

XOXO and have a FUNN day!





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