Happy MUNNday FUNNday – will be up on MUNNday!

The project I have planned to show you takes more effort than I originally anticipated and so I will be back on MUNNday for a REAL FUNNday for you!


No Worries Pajama FUNN Party
A reminder of the CTMH special!
The onset of BEAR WEEK! 

But you need a cute tidbit to hold you over, don’t you?

Wait, those aren’t bear cubs!

Those are FOXES! The Stamp of the Month slipped itself into the mix! I smell mischief!

I should have known! It was a Super Glue Guy prank! Just wanted to see if I was paying attention!
For my new FUNN friends, The Super Glue Guys are my superheroes!
The Super Glue Guys are dedicated to keeping you STUCK on scrapbooking and papercrafts!

The SGGs want to give a nod to their super hero hero, Adam West. RIP. You are our real Batman!
You may see a similarity between The Super Glue Guys (Scrap Man and Croppin) and Batman and Robin!

Image result for batman adam west
Yes, you now know, I was a huge Batman fan and learned the importance of vocabulary, reciting multiplication tables, to wear your seat belt, and how to dance from Batman.

Image result for batman images of pow

And so tonight, FUNN friends, make a note to join us tomorrow for more FUNN!

XOXO and always be SUPER like you are,


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