FUNNday MUNNday! Time is Ticking for Little Dreamer & Papa Bear!

Happy MUNNday FUNNday!

I’m feeling it, too, next MUNNday I will back in the hallowed halls of education with my little grade school pals.
Who knows what the year holds when you spend most of the day with kids under 11. Bring on the junior style FUNN!

I may already be thinking a little younger (while feeling a little older). You tell me after you see today’s FUNNday MUNNday post.

You know one of the things I like about buying directly is knowing what is going on when!
So, let me do a little business before we get to the FUNNday. Knowledge is FUNN, right?
This is going on. 

Every Tuesday in August, CTMH will surprise us with a new selection of Warehouse Sale products at 50% off! Cool, yes?

Want to double up with the current and next Pajama FUNN Party Shopping List? Good idea.

is Prickly Pear Paper Pack and the My Girl Complements
(you can opt for the Prickly Pear Complements, if you rather).









JUST to be on the safe side, I suggest ordering the next Pajama FUNN Party now!
It is the last month of the Seasonal Inspirations and I don’t think there will be an issue, but early orders might be wise.


Jack Workshop Your Way – that is it!
You will get how-to guides and help as a thank you.

Prickly Pear Pajama FUNN Party
 Prickly Pear Paper Pack (say that 20 times fast).
 My Girl Complements (or Prickly Pear Complements)

Just click on the links to order.

OK, so let’s get to the FUNNday of MUNNday!

These cards are from a retired card kit. If you have not gotten a card kit from Close To My Heart, check them out!
There’s pretty paper, card bases, envelopes, pre-cut pieces, an exclusive card-centric stamp set, and instructions!
BONUS – you will have cards ready when you need one!
FUNN TipP: leave the sentiment off until you know who will be getting your sweet card, then add the right one!

Little Dreamer and Papa Bear (Jack – card making) are both due to retire at the end of August! So get them now!

If you aren’t familiar with my Papa Bear obsession, scroll down to the #BEARweek link

These are goofy experiment bears (without the white lab coats). What did I do? What did I learn?
Stamped the bears on a page of an old book about Confucius (I’m not kidding).
What I learned is the ink bled and faded (might be a cool look) and a bear’s face should not have print on it no matter who the print        features!

Image result
The Shin Han colored bears are on PML cards from Little Dreamer. Did I tell you LIttle Dreamer is soon to be retired?
wink wink
What I learned is these cards are going to school with me this year for quick notes to students. Let’s go, Bears!


Ring Around the Beary!

If you are wondering, yes, these are the same bears from a couple of days ago.
They were hired as models for my projects.
The “HELLO” is from a Swan Lake PML card and the background paper which are on the current Warehouse Sale products this week (will be changing Tuesday 08-08-17).


Are we getting more FUNNerday? Well, hold onto your penils and paper, because here it is! The project that gave my Basic Bears a permanent home, “Find Your Somewhere Over the Rain Bear”.

Have a FUNNday MUNNday and may all your bears make you smile.




Click Here to link to #BEARweek!

If you have some Jack – card making bear projects, feel free to tag them with #BEARweek!


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