FUNNday MUNNday – Stamp of the Month

It’s FUNNday MUNNday when we offset the beginning of a work week with some craftiness!

It is a FUNNday MUNNday Stamp of the Month post today!

Made the background paper by stamping. Both the floral and alphabet sets are from my stash.

While I can spend a lot of time at my craft table, I have logged just a few hours playing word games.
Did you know you can make quite a few words from the words: COURAGE, KIND, and LIFE?

Here are a few:
care, cake, core, cork, coke, cafe, Caren, Carol
orange, Olaf
under, uncork, urge
rage, rife, find, rink, rile, rude, real, rice, rain, Regan
age, agree
grind, gender, green, Greg (when you are cutting out letters, you can use them twice, which really opens up possibilities!)
ear, earl, earn
kind, knife, kneel, knee
ice, ire
nice, Nike, noir, node, Nordic
dear, dork, deign, duke
life, link, lire, lice (eww)
find, found, fed, fend, fiend, friend, four, Fred

Did a little stash shopping for this card, too. The leaves are draft paper and tinted with ink and shimmered in gold.
The background was made with ink and water on a craft mat, then sponged for an overall look.

This is my fave because I love lots of color and contrast.
The stamp set is called “Color Your Life” after all!

Get your stamp set ordered (remember it is only $5 with a qualifying order), stamp a mess of letters in Archival Black ink and color them for FUNN during your “down” time.

OK doky, here’s to you making your MUNNday a FUNNday!
Have FUNN making words from this month’s stamp set.



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