FUNNday MUNNday – Stamp of the Month!

Happy MUNNday FUNNday, FUNN friends!
It is a Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday!


and there are two little things I have to make your MUNNday a more FUNNday!

one – play BOGGLE with LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE with us!

When you stamp each word, then cut each letter to stand alone, you can make a lot of words!
FUNN friends joined me on my marygunnFUNN instagram page and made loads of words. We had a bunch of FUNN making words from these beautiful letters…
Check it out:
Margi had a pile! “Vague, heal, Lola, alive, heave, viva, oval, have, gave, eel, give, hive, log, hag, hog, leave, Hug!”
Amie said, “I see hula!!!”
Lalia was feeling her “Cinco de Mayo” with seeing, “HOLA!”
Casandra thought hers was obvious, but I hadn’t seen “Glove” or “Glue”!
Denise, what can I say, saw, “‘eh!”   :o)
Nicky must keep her eye on the prize, she saw, “Goal!”
Jeanie stepped up her crafty game and suggested making more choices from the letters at hand by using an upside down U with an I to make an “n”? She also posted a double “V” formed into an “M”! See my fb page for the sample!

What do you see?

Maybe you have your eye on the FUNN flowers? Maybe you see the project I saw I imagined!

ABRACADABRA …. Presto Chango, Allikazoo and Rickety Rack
– this little giftie keeps giving and becomes a paper clip!

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Might brighten the “mom” in your office or neighborhood? Feel free to add a few yummies in the bag, too!

This may look a little familiar, I did a similar project last month…

– want your May Coloring Month Page?

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Check here for a cute Little Dreamer Pocket Card and an Announcement Video!

HOPE YOUR MUNNday was a very FUNNday!






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