FUNNday MUNNday – LIVE from my MESK! an interview about brain FUNN

Some MUNNdays would be more FUNNdays if we could work with Super Heroes, don’t you think?

So, today’s FUNNday MUNNday features The Super Glue Guys (SGGs). They are dedicated to keeping you STUCK on papercrafts. They will be interviewing marygunnFUNN (mgf) about her new FB live stream show called “LIVE from my MESK!”

Meet Scrapman (sometimes called Croppmann because I am goofy) and his trusty sidekick Croppin’.

mgf: Thank for you offering to interview me, Super Glue Guys.
You know I am a BIGG FANN of yours.
Anyone who helps people stay STUCK on paper crafts are heroes, right?

SGGs: Yes, our pleasure! We have had a busy weekend with cropps going on all over, kids needing creative ideas, and so many new catalogs and paper crafting products hitting the market these days!

What is this “LIVE from my MESK!” shenanigans, marygunnFUNN?

mgf: Well, you know many paper crafters start with a clean desk, but after some time creating, their desks have become messes!

So, many years ago, I coined the term “MESK”.
MESK is a hybridization of DESK and MESS or a messy desk!
It is like a Prius, except not at all when you think about it.

SGGs: That makes total sense, except the part about the Prius!
We’ve seen your MESK, by the way, and the term MESK is very accurate.
As the Proverb says, “An empty stable stays clean—but there is no income from an empty stable,”.
Paraphrase that and you have, “A desk can stay clean-but FUNN comes from a MESK!”

mgf: Yeah, that’s it, thank you, I guess.
My MESK is an event, a happening, a veritable creative spot of happy FUNN!

SGGs: So then, tell us more about “LIVE from my MESK!”
Why are you doing a LIVE FB stream?

mgf: Because I am a total show-off and ham.
I love sharing the FUNN of paper crafting with anyone who will hold still long enough for glue to dry!
I also love being home at my MESK playing with paper!
FB live is a great way to share my perfect paper storm!

SGGs: So, we really are working together, aren’t we, mgf?
The three of us are dedicated to keeping ladies STUCK on paper crafting!

mgf: I’d say so.
I think that is the reason I created you two, afterall!
You are supposed to help me keep ladies stuck on paper crafting!
Are you getting a little too big for your tool belt?

SGGs: (a small kerfuffle occurs between Scrapman and Croppin’.)
Of course, yes, of course, we are here to serve at your pleasure, mgf.

mgf: Geez, Super Heroes these days!

SGGs: Tell us about the “SPOON-a-PHONE“? Is this another word coined by you, mgf?

mgf: Yes, you like it?
Shortly after I started “LIVE from my MESK!” I read a story by a former co-worker, Kathy.
Her family used a wooden spoon during their family meal times in a clever way.
As they took turns telling stories whoever had the spoon, had the floor to speak.
How FUNN is that idea?

It was a great way to have a little wooden courage at the start of the show!
Then I added a business card to make it look like a news reporter’s microphone and
the “SPOON-a-PHONE”  was “born”.

SGGs: You really do have a creative mind, don’t you?

mgf: We all have creative minds.
Sometimes we allow a little more wiggle room in our brains than other times.
There are times my brain is like a free range chicken, pecking at this or that idea.
When I’m having free-range-chicken-brain-time, I do things like give interviews to Super Heroes made from empty glue bottles.

A brain is a FUNN place to play.

SGGs: You just made that up, didn’t you?

mgf: I think so.

SGGs: So, tell me what is up for this week on “LIVE from my MESK!”?

mgf: I’m going to show some groovy ways to stamp using the Solo Stamp Sets which are on special this month from CTMH.

mgf: I’m looking forward to the stamping adventure!
It is so much more FUNN when FUNN friends join me in the chat room during shows.
So, please join us next Tuesday (time to be announced).
And come back on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m., too!

SGGs: You really do love “making ladies happy and the world cuter with FUNN,” don’t you?

mgf: With every fiber of my creative FUNN loving being.

SGGs: Thanks for creating us and letting us interview you.
We look forward to working with you keeping ladies STUCK to paper crafting for years to come!
You have more FUNN ideas coming, too, don’t you?

mgf: Boy, do I!

From The Super Glue Guys and marygunnFUNN,
have a FUNNday MUNNday and let your brain have some FUNN creative play time!
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Hey, what are those glue bottles doing over there?
Those are not a glue bottles, those are Super Glue Guys!



Want to know more about The Super Glue Guys wisdom and antics?
Search “The Super Glue Guys” or SGG in my search box.
The Super Glue Guys FB page is FULL of really FUNN kids’ crafts.

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