Happy FUNNday MUNNday!
The day when I hope a little cute will make your day better!

It has been a FUNN (and wet) August here. If you haven’t jotted down your August memories, now is the time!

Yes, the end of August is here which means…
– this is the last FUNNday MUNNday of August
– The August Stamp of the Month is almost gone
– the Warehouse Sale will be winding down
– The Seasonal Expressions Two (including these BEARS!) will be retiring – this is your last few days to order your bears!

AND so, here is one more #BEARweek craz-a-tion!

Giving the inspiration nod to all the delish BERRIES!
Image result for berry images

Life is like a Bowl of BEARies!

FUNN friends, I would like you to meet BlueBEARy, CranBEARy, and GooseBEARy.
See the little leaves on their heads? Someday they may be holding a berry, too.

Welcome, Heart 2 Heart Challenge Bloggers! The BEARS and I are always glad to see you!

See the little horizontal color design? It was a leftover from this card which was introduced last week on my FB page (don’t miss a lick, and please follow me on FB, Pinterest, and Instagram)!

I like little shorty pencils. This card is a dual Stamp of the Month MUNNday FUNNday. It is made from both the August Stamp of the Month and the soon-to-be released September Stamp of the Month. Be sure to check in later this week for all the NEW FUNN September will be bringing you, FUNN friends.Stamps

NOW, back to the BEARs!

product imageThis darling Jack Bear stamp set is only $13.95! Get the Jack Bear die cuts (thank you, Miss Terri) and the stamp set for 26.95.

SO MUCH EASIER to make this project with the die cuts! 

These BEARS have a purpose, too! They are paper clip toppers – ok, so how cute, right?

They are perfect for marking my favorite pages in the soon-to-be released Holiday Expressions Idea Book.
Did I mention you should visit on September one?

Yeah, the whole Idea Book is this cute!


Of course, since these bears are not glued down to the card, they have a back side to consider!

Shout out to team member Susan Fogle for the backside inspiration!
I flipped the die cut over and drew the outline and the little tail.
I feel like I should be promoting Charmin.

If you are new to mg FUNN, you may have missed the past few months of #BEARweek with me!
You can, if you’d like, go to the search box on the right and type in #BEARweek and you should get a LOT, a heap, a bundle of BEAR posts! Have FUNN!
Hey, it’s MUNNday, go for the cute to have a FUNNday!

OK, don’t miss anything, FUNN friends! We are here to help you get the most of your crafting dollar and FUNN-up your craft time!

Had FUNN with some card creating gals today. Really, how FUNN! XOXO to you!

Have a FUNNday MUNNday! I know you will be able to BEAR it!



Do you have a favorite bear from #BEARweek? The Chef? Frankie? Hipster Bear? Macaron Bears?

I’d love to hear from you on your favorite!

Thank you, my Instagram FUNN friends, for all your kind words!

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