FUNNday MOONday – it’s a card sketch day

Happy FUNNday MOONday!

You don’t have to put on special glasses to view this post – just look right at it!

I’m a FUNN eye person.

Hey, do you know how the Man in the Moon gets his hair cut?
Scroll down.

Have a couple of cards using one stamp set and one design today. Really simple and really FUNN. Ready? up some No Worries scraps – so cute!

Welcome to my FUNN friends from Heart 2 Heart Challenges! Well, Goodness Gracious, this is a pretty classy lined card just like the challenge of the week! Check out this challenge. There are some pretty pieces already for your viewing pleasure!

Oops a little hard to read some of the measurements, so take two!

Have a FUNNday MOONday!



How does the Man in the Moon get his hair cut?
Eclipse it, of course.

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