Enter My Hippo Fixation & a Little Neuro Science Lesson

Welcome and Enter My Hippo Fixation!
Exhibit One:


6 Reasons I am Having a HAPPY HAPPY HIPPO sized day!
1. I’m off work today
2. My daughters will be here for lunch with us
3. It is BEAUTIFUL out
4. This Close To My Heart My Acrylix Stamp Set
5. Having YOU visit my blog
6. Science FUNN facts – like what is a HIPPOCAMPUS?

I am entering my Hippo Fixation Phase
But how can I not when I have this inexpensive, adorable stamp set on my desk.

Safari Ballet, A1180, $6.95

This stamp set is just “TU TU CUTE”!


Now a FUNN Little Neuro Science Fact!

“The hippocampus is a small organ located within the brain’s medial temporal lobe and forms an important part of the limbic system, the region that regulates emotions. The hippocampus is associated mainly with memory, in particular long-term memory. The organ also plays an important role in spatial navigation.”

So whatcha think?
I bet scrapbookers have a hyperactive hippocampus organs.

marygunnFUNN.comDo you think scrapbooking exercises your HIPPOCAMPUS?
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Do you have 6 reasons to have a HAPPY HAPPY HIPPO SIZED day?
Share! I’d love to hear what makes you happy!

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