Educate Yourself – Here are the answers to your questions about becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant with our FUNN Team!

I have to make sure you know what FUNN it is to be a CTMH Consulant!
It is hard to become something when you don’t know what it is!
So, know you can make an educated decision on why being a

Close To My Heart Consultant
is so much FUNN!
Here is my dissertation on being a
Consultant on our FUNN Team of Positive IMPressions!
With the very generous Close To My Heart campaign this month for new Consultants, I’ve been getting questions and very FUNN new team members!
You may have questions, too. So let me see if I can clear a few things up.
There is a very low quarterly minimum of $300 required by CTMH to stay a consultant. 
When you join with this offer, your quota will not be required until the July, August, September quarter (btw, a new Idea Book will be released in August) which makes it nearly impossible to fail short!

What will not happen:
  You will NOT have to be banished from CTMH or me forever.
  You will NOT have to wear a t-shirt which says, “Former Consultant”
  The world will NOT end
  You will NOT have to quit all paper crafting or scrapbooking
You will become a “former” consultant, however, at the beginning of the quarter the quotas are not met and you will be back to being one of my awesome customers.
Any team members you have will roll up to your upline.

Absolutely! We have and love our 2nd and 3rd timers in our group. Life happens and sitting out for a season happens, too. We get it.
If you are a former consultant, come back! You have a clean slate to ink, paint, paper, and stamp on!
Several of us are “LIFERS” who have been a consultant for over 10 years – there is room for everyone.
Yup! Cool beans, huh?
Nope. I am actually terrible at having parties. Please don’t tell my dirty little secret (tee hee)
There are as many ways to be a consultant as there are consultants!
I have enjoyed most success through FUNN Clubbs, workshops, and Pajama FUNN Parties and love my customers who randomly order as they desire, too! I am always changing my business to better serve my customer community. By the way, if you have an idea how I can serve you – let me know!
Heck yeah! That is why I joined! I love a bargain – I belong to Sam’s and my husband belongs to Costco. We both have ancestors from Scotland – getting this idea?
22% off immediately & goes up with higher sales. FREE product, too, with sales. Yes, you can be your own hostess and get gifts, too. 
How can you go wrong?
Yes, it is!
Go for it!
I love my community of customers and encourage you to grab the loot if you want and then do nothing if you’d like!
That way you won’t feel bothered, you can proceed as normal, and all will be better in our world!
As they say at Nike, “Just Do It!”, but do it as you want.
Are you interested in joining CTMH for more than the kit and cartridge? Read on!

CTMH offers a vast array of supplies and services in a remarkably cohesive & coordinated package
CARD MAKERS love CTMH because of the stamps, sentiments, papers, inks, embellishments, and Workshops on the Go
ONLINE SCRAPBOOKING with Studio J. Everyone who tries this loves this
CLASSIC SCRAPBOOKING with perfectly coordinated through albums, My Reflections Paper Packs, Complements, embellishments, and Workshops on the Go 
MINI SCRAPBOOKING with a variety of chip board albums and Artbooking cart
JEWELRY and WEARABLE ART is a FUNN addition to our product line
HOME DECOR products with Pottery Barn quality – so great!
STAMPING is at our core, in our blood, so to speak. CTMH has set the standard with My Acrylix Stamps
HOW-TO PROGRAMS  and a SOLID ONLINE PRESENCE  with frequently released professionally produced how-to videos
* History of a strong debt free INNOVATIVE COMPANY  led by an awesome lady JEANETT LYNTON  and her incredible vice presidents who may love this company as much as I love my dog which is an outstanding amount!
* Fresh on-trend products frequently released such as PICTURE MY LIFE
Cricut Cartridges without peer as it coordinates with CTMH stamps and chip board shapes – unbelievably clever!
* Catalogs which are designed to help you with your crafting inspiration. They are called IDEA BOOKS
There is nothing wrong in either one; I just want you to try us!
We, the Positive IMPressions, are a community dedicated to support you and cheer you on to success! A smaller team offers you a personal touch which you may appreciate. With a team having over 45 years of experience, you will have plenty of help! Online video team conferencing coming.
Plus we are the home of the 

Super Glue Guys – Dedicated to Help You Keep Scrapping!

We have a team fb page.
FUNN-ercise Challenges (this month’s is beating my March sales for a completed Timberline Pajama FUNN Party set of projects!)
My Team always receives the Pajama FUNN Party cutting diagrams and FUNN tipps to use for their own customers if they desire.
Insight from years of thinking about and loving this business and thinking some more about and loving this business some more
Positively FUNN IMPression Mails with reminders, tipps, ideas, and cyber hugs
Encouragement – I am your cheerleader!

an online website for no charge
a monthly newsletter produced by CTMH for your customers which you can personalize
backing of a solid company
personalized training by me
bulk products, discounts, early access to promotions, project suggestions for products
get the $99 kit fee back in your choice of product for attaining reasonable sales goals in your first 120 days of business
and, of course, this April, you get your choice of one of the three Cricut Cart Collections free!

You are able to have friends sign “under” you as soon as you become a consultant and have an OBA (online business account / website created & provided by CTMH)
Start thinking about a team name!

It will make us both HOPPY like Huni Buni!
She is HOPPIER than she looks here.


Click on almost any of the links to get to to sign up.
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