Card Sketch Day Six, the Many Flavors of the National Scrapbooking Paper Pack, & A Give Away

Day six of my sharing the different flavors of the
Live Beautifully National Scrapbooking Paper Pack and a simple card I designed.
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If you like to hear about goofs, this is the post for you!

Today is the Midas Touch flavor.

Today’s Card Sketch Design is all about the Midas Touch.
The featured Close To My Heart National Scrapbooking Month (which is almost over) Live Beautifully special has some really pretty gold touch, or Midas touch, if you will. Today we will look a little more closely into these papers.

This card was doing alright. I ink painted the bottom in various intensities of black, but could I leave well enough alone?
Heck no. So I tried to doodle and then I tried to like it, but it didn’t happen, so I covered it creative flop with black dotted paper.

I just couldn’t abide with the fishnet stocking flower!
Maybe I’ll try again sometime. I think there is some potential.

Painted on this card, too, but this time with the Gold Shimmer Pen. You know those videos where they take the time to tape down a piece before water coloring on it? I think they may be onto something because I sure had a one, two, buckle my shoe problems!

I may be doing something goofy, too (it happens), but I often do my Shimmer Pen squeezing on scrap paper and dip into it. Sometimes I get a little too much on the brush and then drip, so then I have to drip more to make it look on purpose.
Guilty dog face right here, right now.


But, I think it is a cool look to paint the background with the shimmer because the flowers and leaves are so pretty!

I really like this paper and playing with ink painting on it. The outlines of the leaves and flowers are gold embossed and as elegant as it is by itself, I wanted to see it a little more casual and the card below is the result.

I’ll tell you something else, too. There is a kinda gray tone that shows through on the paper when you paint – it is enough to send one into a panic!

If you want to try these tricks, try small and don’t commit yourself to a commissioned job of making 50 cards using this paper for someone’s 50th wedding anniversary at this point!

It is kinda groovy to have all sorts of great words to trim out of sheets for sentiments, too.

This card didn’t photograph well, but it has some cool things to try again.

The “love” script was cut from the B&T paper, covered with vellum, traced with the Gold Marker, and covered with Gold Shimmer Pen.
The flower was colored with the Gold Metallic marker, too, and smeared out with the Gold Shimmer pen. It is much prettier in person. I’ll try to re-photo it. It is such a 50th anniversary card or golden years kinda card.

Please get in there and try some of this, then let me know how you do.


In case you haven’t been visiting until today, scroll down and click on some Card Sketch Design Day one – five for the details of my shenanigans.

Before I sign off for this Memorial Day, I want to salute those who have become Gold Star Families. I can not fathom the loss you must carry daily.
God bless you.



GIVEAWAY TIME – Here’s How You Can WINN Some of These Cards!

 I have a pile of some of these Card Sketch Design cards I’ve been showing to send out to one of you!
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PSST… I have a layout ready to show, tomorrow!

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