Beautiful Wreath * Family Scrapbooking Gratitude Idea

marygunnFUNN.comDoes anyone else have a pile of a
million white lunch bags from Sams?

Here is an idea for using the sacks to hold your 2017 moments!

  1. Fold the top down an inch two times.
  2. Decorate (you or with your family) 12 bags (January through December).
  3. Add a half dozen or dozen of index cards (or card stock) for quick notes.
  4. Stow a pen in the current bag.

FUNN TIpP: If you do not have all the pieces in one place at one time, this project will have more problems getting done.

Additional Idea: Add a monthly “Bucket List” of moments your and your family want to have.

Suggested activities for bucket list  – don’t overdo!
Keep it simple. your life will fill in with moments like hugs, sticky faces, surprise phone calls, coffee with friends, new jobs, new thoughts.

marygunnFUNN.comHow to Use This Project for Your 2017 marygunn FUNN Pajama FUNN Party Scrapbooking System

Layouts: Keep ideas of moments you want to remember for pajama funn party layouts
Look at the current Seasonal Inspirations Idea Book for ideas
Watch for your FUNN mail for layout ideas
Activity Check: Check your local city’s (school, after school, church, holidays) monthly events
Photos: Make a note one the back of the card about photos – have you taken them? have you developed them? is there another photo you can use? where can you get supporting photos and ideas?
Journaling Notes: Great place to add your notes so journaling will be easy!


Welcome Home

Mine is made and I really like it!

There are four ways you can get the wreath kit:

  1. Buy it for $18.95—no qualifying purchase required!
  2. Get it for free with a qualifying $60 purchase!*
  3. Get it for free by hosting a party that reaches the second level of Hostess Rewards.
  4. Get it for free when you sign up to be a Consultant!

Go to for more information and to order!

I have mine on my classroom door (shown on my front door, color is Hosta from Home Depot).

I sponged all the edges with Cocoa BEFORE I removed the shapes from the carrier sheet and
covered the succulents with the NEW Gold Shimmer Pen (very cool product).
The roses were sponged in Canary and Blossom for a Peace Rose look.

Coming next weekend – Sugar Rush’s Pajama FUNN Party!

Have you added National marygunnFUNN Day on your calendar? It is January 29th!

Have a FUNN Day,



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