BEAR WEEK! Chef Boy-r-bear

Don’t you love having someone to cook for you?
I have two boy bears who cook for me! How great is that? It is stupendously great.

So to honor the bear chefs in our lives, I proudly present Chef Boy-r-Bear and his gustatory delights!

For those who study these “FUNNerpieces”, the butcher block table is from the Rustic Home Paper FUNNdamentals, the table cloth is a small part of a doily, the apron and hat were hand-drawn, the apron string is white floss, the left side plaid was hand painted with Close To My Heart watercolors, the bowl is a small piece of Jack paper, and gustatory means concerned with tasting or the sense of taste.

Image resultI forgot the neckerchief and mustache. Shucks.

Please come back again tomorrow for a new BEAR creation and on June 15th, you will get to see what some of the smartest scrapbookers in the universe choose to do to keep their scrapbooks looking beautiful for an economic price, and a system that works in their busy schedules.

Please keep the Close To My Heart special on your shopping list, too. It is a good deal!
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Hope this finds you having a FUNN day and I hope this little piece of FUNN has brightened your day.
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XOXO and have FUNN,


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06-12-2017: includes a how-to pattern for this mini album!




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