Back In the Saddle – Goofy, Super Glue Guys! I Have Important Info to Share!


and you won’t see these stamps anymore!

order seasonal expressions one
I hope you enjoyed the Super Glue Guys’ post yesterday!
Those crazy guys!
But, I’m taking over today!

Because it is important you get your orders in for
Seasonal Expressions One
tonight or Saturday!

A1184 Rejoice 20   30-Apr-16  
A1185 Friendly Wishes- tiny lovies 32   30-Apr-16  
A1186 Pirate Birthday 28   30-Apr-16  
B1507 To the Moon 11   30-Apr-16  
B1508 Kiss It Better – Band-aids! CUTE! 13 X 30-Apr-16  
B1509 My Mother (US/CA) 12   30-Apr-16  
B1510 Sugar & Spice 28 X 30-Apr-16  
B1511 My Mother (AU/NZ) 28   30-Apr-16  
B1512 Play Hard— Gymnastics 30 X 30-Apr-16  
B1513 Block Uppercase 10   30-Apr-16  
B1514 Play Hard—Diving 31 X 30-Apr-16  
B1515 Play Hard—Cheer 30 X 30-Apr-16  
B1516 Your Beautiful Self- butterflies 20   30-Apr-16  
C1635 Our Story 29 X 30-Apr-16  
C1636 Live, Laugh, Love 21 X 30-Apr-16  
C1637 Stamps of Approval 33 X 30-Apr-16  
C1638 Spring Critters & banners 19   30-Apr-16  
C1639 Take Heart 13   30-Apr-16  
C1640 Friend in Me 18   30-Apr-16  
C1641 Springtime Wishes 9   30-Apr-16  
C1642 My Anchor 27   30-Apr-16  
C1643 Stuck on You -CUTE CACTUS! 10   30-Apr-16  
D1683 Woodland Romance 8 X 30-Apr-16  
D1684 Beach Days 26 X 30-Apr-16  
M1135 On the Plus Side 11   30-Apr-16  
M1136 Patch of Sky 11   30-Apr-16  
M1137 A Day for Mother 12   30-Apr-16

Add to these stamps sets,
which will be retired this Saturday night,
beautiful papers and embellishments!

I know the Super Glue Guys promised another sneak peek, but I really need you to concentrate on the products available now!
Especially the CACTUS STAMP!

I just love it!
Did you know the two cards I made/posted on pinterest with this stamp
are my #2 and #3 most re-pinned cards?

Look over the list and see what you think.

LMK if you need some help deciding or ordering

And to make things better, I’m planning on releasing some how-to videos
SUNDAY using NEW products!

Until then, HAVE FUNN!

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