A Special Stamp Set, 15 Reasons, & Samples

Do you ever wonder if you will get your money’s worth from a stamp set?
Me, too!
I hate finding an unused or underused stamp set, don’t you?

Well, the Close to My Heart April Stamp of the Month “Love So Sweet”, isn’t one of those stamp sets.

But, enough blah blah, let’s look at this.

I can give you 15 reasons why it won’t be.
Literally, 15 reasons!
Starting tomorrow at 6:15 p.m. central on my FB page, I’m going to post
1. a sample using the Love So Sweet stamp set, and
2. a reason to be a student at FUNN University.
3. Feels Like Home FUNN University Scrapbook Lab layouts for May (buy NOW)!


See what I mean?

For starters, here is an early peek of an upcoming card inspired by a card on Instagram (I’m so sorry I can’t recall whose).


So, FUNN friends, be sure to subscribe to my FB page, and ask to be in the FUNN University FB secret group!

Want to poke around on FUNN University yourself? By all means, do!
Right now, you can poke around all you want for free!

Happy MUNNday, be sure to make it a FUNNday!



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