Seems like I just get started, when I have to move on.

As a Close To My Heart Consultant, I try to stay current with stamps, papers, and specials. Sometimes, though, it seems like I’m just warming up to a stamp set when the special is over and I have to move on.
Such is the case with the current September Share the Seasons special. Click HERE to see them, and hurry and get them!

Snowman wreath how-to video
If snowmen make a wreath, is it a big snow ball?

The Heart 2 Heart Challenge blog has a challenge about little things, and I’m pretty sure this qualifies! The snowman fits on a 1″ block, after all.
The stamp sets have LOADS of seasonally themed cute stamps and there is a stamp set for Autumn FUNN, too.
These are only available until the end of September (like tomorrow), so get it in gear, sistah!

On my weekly FaceBook LIVE from my MESK!* show, I demonstrated an easy way to make wreaths for cards, tags, and scrapbooks. Find out in this video.

Live from my MESK it's Saturday Morning!

Making cards and getting distracted.

Posted by Mary Gunn FUNN on Saturday, September 28, 2019

I hope you will make visiting my FUNN friends and me at my MESK! will become a favorite part of your Saturday. Set your alarm now!
*a MESK! is my word for “a messy desk”.

Remember when I showed the Shaker Thin Cut and it started in idea a-brewin’? Well, this is what it brewed up!

Star Wreath Card

If you like what you see, you’ll love FUNN University. If LIVE from my MESK! is the tip of the iceberg, FUNN University is the honkin’ chunk of body you don’t see below the water (or behind the wall). Try us for a month, on us. We think you’ll love the FUNN.

This week on the Campus of FUNN University and marygunnFUNN

  • Hawthorn’s Scrapbook Lab how-to videos will be released on September 1st.
  • Cards+ Lab will start on Thursday. This month we will be learning about using inks and re-inkers as paints with stamps. I have to say, there are some “aha” moments coming to Campus!
  • LIVE from my MESK!, Saturday, 10:00 a.m. Central. We’re doing the Monster Mash!
  • FUNN Vote has been moved up to tomorrow. Vote for your favorite card I post on FB tomorrow morning. Usually, it is on Wednesday.

ENROLL today at FUNN University HERE.
Creatives, creative-wanna-be’s, and consultants are all welcome.

I’ll be sending a FUNN mail on October 1st with updates for the month. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter.
September was FUNN, but let’s move on to the FUNN that will come our way in October.
Thanks for spending time with me. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask about FUNN U., becoming a CTMH Consultant, or a crafting question.



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