3 Tips for a Really FUNN Shaker Card

Who wouldn’t love a FUNN shaker card?

I don’t think anyone!

Don’t know what a “Shaker Card” is?
It is almost like a toy in an envelope! We love baby rattles, right? Well, how about a card that rattles with a window full of cute shakers?
That is a shaker card.
Read on for more help becoming a Shaker Cardinesta!

So this month on FUNN University, we have been making LOTS of shaker cards. This is just one of the THIRTEEN cards I shared on campus!

This card was made with the super cute Close To My Heart Craft On! Paper Suite. But, the really, really FUNN part (besides the FUNN colors and crafty shaker bits) is hidden under the shaker window!
Look closely, and you can see a perforated pull tab strip!
Did a light bulb just go off in your head?

Very unfortunately, the die that makes the perforated pull tab strip is no longer available, but we are going to start asking for it back because we love it!

We went over a lot of ideas during the three Cards+ Lab classes, and today I’m going to share three tips I think you’ll enjoy learning about making shaker cards.


  1. ADD a SURPRISE – add something unusual for bits that reflect the tone of the card. Sunflower seeds, flower seeds, or like this card, some cute crafty bits.
  2. FOAM LAYERS – add enough foam layers to let the bits shake freely. It is so much FUNN to see all the pretties scatter about!
  3. FOAM COLOR – choose foam color that will blend in or accentuate the card. I thought I could get away with yellow foam on a black and white card, but NOPEY nope nopperson. It was real bad. You can see the pink foam used in this card, but it isn’t a distraction like the yellow foam of horrors was on the black and white.

BONUS TIPUse the RIGHT products!

Close To My Heart has several really great products that makes shaker cards really easy. Here they are.
Thin Cuts Shaker Windows and Confetti – this is a fab product. I love all the little pieces of star and/or heart confetti you can make, plus the circles are perfect for a really sharp finished look.

Thin Cuts—Shaker Window & Confetti

Shaker Window Foam and Acetate – makes even the beginning shaker card maker look good. See all those little squares? Those are all foam squares with adhesive!

Shaker Window Foam & Acetate

Loose Sequins – there are other pretty color combinations, too. These packs have a LOT of sequins, friends. They like to pal up with each other and I think it helps if you add a little anti=static (scroll down) powder, and some beads to keep them from clumping and layering.

Crafty Loose Sequins

Anti-static Pouch – this product will be handy to taking any sticky off the edges of the inner shaker window foam, and for encouraging the bits to shake freely. You will love having an anti-static tool for wet embossing, too, especially as these dry winter months get closer.

Anti-static Pouch

And many other shaped dies that help with square, heart, circle, and more shaker cards. Be sure to check out the Basic Shapes Bundle!

If you don’t have a Close To My Heart connection, you do now.
If you don’t have someone who takes you step-by-step with paper crafting projects (especially scrapbooks and cards), you can now, just by enrolling in FUNN University.
Try us out for free, and Consultants are always welcome (no products to buy from me – get your own sales, for Pete’s sake!)!

Hope this has your fingers itching to try some shaker FUNN!
As always, all three shaker Cards+ Labs are (or will be today) available in FUNN U’s library.

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