#3 Cute Things You Can Do with Hello Pumpkin

If you are reading my blog, you probably like cute paper crafts.
If this is true, you will love this post.

#1 Hello Pumpkin Pajama FUNN Party

Pajama FUNN Parties are designed for busy career women who want to make at least four (8-pages) easy-to-make layouts with lots of support from me.
It seems to work, too, because most of the women who started making Pajama FUNN Parties with me seven or so years ago are still cropping in their jammies with me!

Shopping List
Workshop Your Way Hello Pumpkin scrapbooking kit (G1160)
Extra White Daisy cardstock
12″x12″ trimmer
quality paper-to-paper adhesive
ALL available on FUNN.closetomyheart.com
Be sure to click through all the specials on the banner, too. 
There are some great ones!

#2 Hello Pumpkin Cards

These strips, gingham, gold, background and texture papers plus the pretty Willow and Lagoon card stocks has a ton of potential.

#3 More Ideas To Come

I am looking at my HELLO PUMPKIN scraps right now and I know I have some very FUNN ideas coming. 
I have some already made that you will love!
So stay tuned!

Well, that is your remember the weekend is almost here, get your weekend crafting projects ready to go!

Oh, and, if you want to see the worst LIVE from my MESK! episodes, I made them Tuesday night. Oy!
Just go to my FB page, click on VIDEOS (on the left) and watch the TWO which were recorded Tuesday night.
I can’t believe I’m leaving them up.

Be sure to check out the Pajama FUNN Party shopping list. To receive the true PJ FUNN Party treatment, your order must be made before November 1st.

Happy Thursday and if you see a pumpkin, tell it Hello.



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