24 Days of Thankfulness – Join Our Journey! Pre-Quel: The Layout

Starts tomorrow – our 24 Days of Thankfulness!

So we start with making something cute – talk about being thankful right out of the chute!

We start with two 12″ x 12″ pages to store our thankfulness on!


If you are a Swan Lake Pajama FUNN Partier – you will get the title!
If you are not, no worries, but you are on your own.

The top layout has twenty-four 3″ blocks – a little more room for thought.
The bottom layout also has twenty-four blocks, but are only 2 1/2″ square.
The second layout will be great for small handwriting, concise thinkers!



Three Inch Layout – I suggest this size!
Cut 24- 3″ squares from scrapbooking paper
Cut 24 – 2.5″ squares from white cardstock (for notes)
Cut 2- 1/2″ x 12″ strips (mine are in Whisper) for the horizontal pieces (the “fudge line”)
(See note below about tips)


Two & One Half Layout
Cut 24- 2.5″ squares from scrapbooking paper
Cut 24- 2″ squares from white cardstock (for notes)
Cut 4- 1/2″ strips (mine are in Whisper) for faux mat
Cut 1- 11″x 6″ piece (mine is in Whisper) for mat
(See note below about tips)


Start at the bottom two rows; line up as well as you can.
Then adhere the top row.
The second row will have the “FUDGE LINE”!
Line up just one of the edges (above or below) as perfectly as you can; let the other be sloppy – you are going to cover it with a strip or ribbon!


TIPPS and Ideas
We are going to use whatever we have: stamps, leftover complements, Flip Flaps (perfect), photos (worth 1,000 words), gems, nail heads, paint (if you dare), Washi tape, and whatever floats your boat!

Can’t make this tonight?
I get this! No worries, FUNN friends! Just grab some post-it notes and write your thoughts until you can!

Don’t have Swan Lake?
Too bad, it is SO pretty! But use what you have. If you are feeling creative, make something unique. If you have some leftover (or unused – oh my) My Reflections kits, use them! It doesn’t take much, really!

Can’t Do the 24 Thing?
I’m pretty sure this freaks me out, too! But think of it this way, one is better than none, twelve is 1/2 there, and 24! Wow! You will be in the remarkable column!

Let’s go get some candy and call it a night, shall we?
I’m going to focus on this and hope you will join us!


Have a FUNN evening!



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