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My Mom “passed up” to her Heavenly home less than two months ago and this journey we have been left with has been quite emotional – understatement of 2019. 
We went to her beloved home of 63 years last weekend and cleaned up a bit. SO many memories, SO many tears, SO much tenderness and gratitude.

The photo and the following piece were created by my daughter Leah Emerick. It is beautiful and I hope it will help someone understand the power of a memory. 

I said goodbye to my grandma Am’s house this weekend. 

I took my camera so I could record my mother giving a tour of the home where she grew up so my siblings and I could have it. I hadn’t planned on taking any photos, but I took this one. 

To most: this image is meaningless. 

To me I see my grandparents both sitting, younger and so happy that we were visiting. I see the place where I was rocked in arms that loved me. I see the place where I slept after my grandpa died because I fit in his chair. I see the place where my Am sat (we called it Command Central) and took pictures of the weather from the TV and text them to me. I see a place where I laughed until I cried (craughed) more times than I can count.

It was a good weekend, but challenging.

As the movers took the items from the rooms the home changed into a house. It was a place I knew turned foreign and while it was difficult to walk out that door it also was peaceful. My mother and I made new memories there until the very last and prayed continued blessings over whoever comes next to live there. 

My grandparents are gone, but not forever. 

They wait for me in heaven, and that gives me peace. 

I just kind of hope they have comfy recliners up there, too. That would be really nice 

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