12 Ways to Have a Thanksgiving for the Scrapbook

Good morning, FUNN friends!
Popping in before I pop the turkey in to give you 12 ideas to try today so when tomorrow comes, you’ll be ready to scrapbook this special day.

12 Ways to Have a Thanksgiving for the  scrapbook:

  1. Have guests write their top 3 blessings for which they are thankful
    2. Thanksgiving memories, especially from the older guests. Memories of their grandparents, for instance.
    3. Those Thanksgiving only things – special plates, glasses, decor, table decorations.
    4. Special must have family recipes.
    5. Take a vote on which food is the favorite.
    6. Nappers. Favorite napping spots.
    7. Don’t forget the critters! Do they have duties like keeping a watchful eye on the turkey carver, or clean-up duty?
    8. Today’s weather – in the midwest we can have just about anything happen from sunny and beautiful to snowy and cold.
    9. Football game or on TV.
    10. After the meal, who gets a gold star for K.P.?
    11. Post-Thanksgiving memories. If you can, get everyone to write down the moment they don’t want to forget from this special day.
    12. Prayers of Thanksgiving for today, our country, and for those who may be hurting.

13. And join me for the Grateful Heart Pajama FUNN Party!
Don’t order today –
wait for the Black Friday and/or Cyber MUNNday
Close To My Heart sales!

Apparently, some audio button wasn’t right.
These are the 4 layouts I have created for the Grateful Heart Pajama FUNN Party and like tomorrow’s lunch, there will be plenty of leftovers for at least one more layout. 

May your day be memorable and may you have time and the resources to scrapbook it.


Want to add some FUNN to your Thanksgiving, too?
Try Tic Tac Turkey Toe!
More on my Tuesday evening’s LIVE from MESK! FB show.

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