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Gotta LOVE Ray Stevens for good clean (well, almost) FUNN! Mississippi Squirrel Revival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgFjLB4VYSU&feature=related

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Professor William F. Buckley-You-Are-Such-a-Good-Boy’s card. Possible captions: – you told me you’d take me out – i didn’t intend to eat the entire dozen – i miss you – i miss the really big dogs* – sassafras won’t play** – i miss russ, corrie, leah, and am*** – life is too short not to lick […]

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Wow – I hear this CD is really good! The hit single is, “Please Let The Dawg Out!” If you see this, get it, it is great and what a cute dog, too! Whoever designed the cover (my son Stephen) must be tremendously talented! What a family, the bird emails, the dog plays piano and […]

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A Close To My Heart Thanksgiving Quiz

After 20 years of teaching, I still enjoy giving a pop quiz now and again! All questions can be answered with a Close To My Heart color or product. 1. The perfect side for your Thanksgiving dinner is: a. mulligan stew brown b. cranberry c. olive d. b and c 2. You know your turkey […]

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Thanksgiving FUNN

When the kids were kind of little we used to play “Hide the Turkey” with my parents and them. One of the adults would hide a small wooden turkey somewhere in the family room while the kids would cover their eyes. Of course, we’d stomp all around the room to throw them off! After the […]

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